The Moves Of Super Street Fighter IV's Hakan And Juri

Super Street Fighter IV will have plenty of great additions to warrant the $US40 purchase.

For me, the most important is the ability to play matches online in a virtual room that allows you to hang out with up to seven other people, chatting and watching the current fight.

But a lot of people are more interested in the game's two new characters. Korea's Juri and Turkey's Hakan. I went in to the preview build of the game and captured this video just for them.

The video shows the command list for both fighters. Hakan, a grabbie character, has the Oil Shower, Oil Slide, Oil Slide Body Press, Oil Rocket and Oil Dive, while Juri, a half-circle fighter, has the Fuhajin, Shikusen, Senpusha and Kasatushi.

Then I tried to execute these moves. I eventually managed to get all of the attacks off. Be patient, they're new to me too!


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