The NBA's Portable Xbox 360 Systems

You, me, we play console games in our living rooms. NBA players, however, are on the road most of the year. So they have to play on these amazing portable rigs instead.

Sponsored by 2K, that's a metal-cased portable Xbox 360 that would put Ben Heck to shame. Presented by the publisher to help shill NBA2K10, they were handed out to players like Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings, Josh Smith, Chris Paul and Tyreke Evans.

Included is the near-indestructible case, a console, controllers, LCD screen, remote control and even headphones, letting the giant men get their game on in the locker room just as easily as the hotel room.

It's not the first time NBA players have been spoiled by video game companies; Sony is renowned for splashing out on custom consoles for the league's marquee players.

League of gamers [ESPN, via Destructoid]


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