The Next Club Nintendo Exclusive Is Ultra Handy

North American Club Nintendo members are in for a treat, as long as they have the 80 coins needed to purchase themselves a copy of Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! - emphasis Nintendo's - the latest Nintendo fan reward for WiiWare.

The game, released via Japan's version of Club Nintendo as Wii de Ultrahand at the end of 2009, is based on the old Ultra Hand toy designed by Gunpei Yokoi. He's the late great creator of the Game Boy, Kid Icarus and Metroid, who unfortunately didn't live long enough to see his successful Ultra Hand used in the virtual grilling of turkeys.

Nintendo of America plans to release Grill-Off with Ultra Hand! to Club Nintendo members for the low price of 80 Club Nintendo Coins, which also features the grilling of burgers and a two-player versus mode. This is what it will look like in motion.


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