The Old, New, Finally Official Super Mario Galaxy 2 Cover

We've seen all of the elements of the upcoming Wii blockbuster before, but never combined and with the official "this is the box art" seal from Nintendo.

Note the extra little stars. The lack of secret homoerotic star writing, the glee with which Yoshi is carrying Mario through the sky.


    Looks great, I'm really looking forward to this!

    Now *that's* how you do box art. Love it!

    that's cover ART!...It gets my mouth watering just looking at it. It has a little too much yoshi but I see where they're going with it...

    They've done away with 'U R MR GAY'. Seems to say 'U R MIAY' now.

    sure there's secret homoerotic writing!

    the starred letters backwards say "YA I M R U"

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