The Penny Arcade Expo's Real Arcade

On the third floor of the Hynes Convention centre in Boston, visitors to the Penny Arcade Expo East get to visit an actual arcade, filled with free-to-play arcade cabinets and pinball machines, just like mother used to make.

Okay, technically my mother didn't make arcade machines, but back when I was a kid she'd send me to the local 7-Eleven with two dollars and instructions to get her a pack of Virginia Slim Menthol Lights, keep the change. That change would go towards a Slurpee, with the remainder going into machines just like these.

Well, just like these with cigarette burns and colorfully stick Slurpee syrup stains.

Ah, memories.


    Whether your looking for that original appeal, or the classic appeal, i would reccomend

    They have ALL the classics from my childhood. I havn't played since my atari 2600!
    They come with over 60 games, pre-installed. Just plug in and play.
    The 1980's … they may be old, but they never get old! Relive that misspent youth,
    and dominate the universe all over again!

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