The PS2's First Ten Years: A Timeline

In case you missed it, today was the PlayStation 2's tenth birthday. Happy birthday, PS2! To mark the occasion, we've whipped up a little timeline charting the good times, and better times, of the world's most successful games platform.

Here's a hint: you'll need to click the above image to see it at full resolution


    I guess that means that the life cycle is officially up.

      Well considering the PS2 was only released in Brazil last November, Sony should still be pumping them out for quite some time..

        ps2 died long ago in my eyes, when major developers stopped making decent games for it. either that, or when the last Square-Enix game halted production.

    Happy birthday PS2, hope the next decade is just as good.

    The last PS1 game was released in 2004, and the console was discontinued in 2006. So the PS2 will probably be with us till 2012.

    Also, given the success and relative power of the wii, there may also be a trickle of ports tiding the PS2 over for years to come.

    The PS2 is still a good machine - its just that you have to look at the pre-owned shelves for all the good games now as most of the new ones are shovelware.

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