The Return Of NBA Jam, In All Its Catchphrase Glory

Here's the launch trailer for the Wii re-boot of the arcade and early console classic NBA Jam. All your favourites return, and by that I don't mean Raiden or Bill Clinton, but "Boom Shaka-Laka," "He's On Fire," and "Kaboom!"

Remember last week when I said, "If any sports game is capable of selling a console... ?" Yeah, MLB The Show might have some company, if EA Sports doesn't put this thing on Xbox Live Arcade or the PlayStation Network. Either way, this can't be anything but a moneymaker for them.


    They'd be mad not to put this on PSN or xbla. I know I'd pick it up in a heartbeat. NBA Jam still ranks as one of my most memorable games.

    We'll just ignore the other couple of remake attempts as its probably for the best =P

    Wow I might actually have a reason to turn my Wii on before Mario Galaxy 2 arrives....I would prefer a PSN version with trophies though :)


    Holy crap... im getting this for sure

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