The Spectacular Downhill Chair Racing Of Slider In Motion

I had a chance to virtually chair-run my way through the downhill streets of a virtual city last week using the Playstation Move controller.

But words don't adequately describe how strange this game looks in motion.

This is the sort of thing I'd like to see more of on the Playstation Move.


    If this is the type of stuff we have to look forward to for the Move, I may as well save my cash and dust off the Wii.

    Why do you even need motion control in a game like this? Its not very innovative. Just another wagglefest to throw on the pile.

      I agree.. doesn't even look fun. Might as well be a skateboarding game.

    Let's be honest here. Much of motion-based gaming is not pointed at your Kotaku reader/'hardcore' gamer. Most of it will capitalise on Mum & Dad purchases for the nippers.

    This looks fun to me- not $99 pricepoint fun- but at $50-60 you may get me. I would like to also race a shopping trolley, a trolleyjack and a Segway please. And use paintfilled waterbombs as projectiles. A little bit of inventiveness and creativity beats trying to outdo rivals with bewildering specs and real-life licences.

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