The Splash Hills Of Sonic The Hedgehog 4

Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 website updated yesterday, with new screens showing off the verdant Splash Hills Zone, Dr. Eggman's character profile, and a little free music to whet your appetite for some old school hedgehog action.

If the latest update to the Sonic 4 website doesn't convince you that Sega is on the right track, then nothing will. Just look at these screens... that's the Sonic the Hedgehog I fell in love with right there.

The new update also includes profile information for the second major character in the game, bad old Dr. Eggman. From the description:

After losing the Master Emerald during his last encounter with Sonic, Eggman regroups with a new objective; to revisit and refine the best of his creations in an effort to finally rid himself of Sonic!

Let's play with those words a bit, shall we?

After losing track of what made Sonic the Hedgehog great during its last several encounters with Sonic, Sega regroups with a new objective; to revisit and refine the best of its creations in an effort to finally rid itself of whining Sonic fans!

It's an allegory, or something.

Head over to the official Sonic the Hedgehog 4 website for more information, and don't forget to stop by the music downloads section for a free MP3 of the Splash Hills Zone music. It's incredibly catchy.


    I'm glad Sega seem to be honestly returning to their roots for this one, but I still don't like Sonic's running animation. The run he had in the classic Genesis games had him start running in a somewhat natural way, gradually building up speed until they became a spiraling blur. I LOVED that effect. In the trailer his feet just seemed to shuffle back and forth rapidly, not exactly inspiring stuff.

    All the same, maybe we'll get lucky and Sega will finally release a Sonic game worth talking about!

      I agree. I preferred the sprites used in Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles over the cartoony sprites they've used since the GBA/DS games.

    What I find interesting is that on the official website in the top right hand corner it says "Coming summer 2010, Playstation Network, XBox Live Arcade, WiiWare and ???"

    What is the "???". I'm guessing it's gonna be the DS, unless Sega is gonna release another handheld. Game Gear 2 anyone? Probably won't happen though.

    I'm pretty excited for this though, will be downloading it on day one.

      Steam maybe? Hey, a man can dream. :P

        Probably iPhone

    Hopefully it will be a good reboot, they need to polish what are now extremely old school. Not bad, but todays gamer wants more.

    This is a great idea though and I cant wait to play it. Where else were they gonna take sonic? Add a gun? WereSonic? What next Zomsonic?
    Sonic Galaxy perhaps?

    " to revisit and refine the best of his creations in an effort to finally rid himself of Sonic!"

    Why do I get the feeling this means they're rehashing old enemies and scenarios from mega drive-era games because Sega STILL couldnt come up with a decent new idea?

    The "???" is Iphone.


    For the love of god, you're not translating a full game full of text SEGA, you're typing his name only a handful of times.

    (Really, you began it in 1991, you keep it going in 2010.)

      Eggman and Dr. Robotnik are one and the same now. In Sonic Adventure 1, his name was Dr. Robotnik but everyone called him Eggman as a semi-insult. In Sonic Adventure 2 and onwards, they chose to have Robotnik accept the nickname, and refer to himself as such from then on.

      So now he is Eggman in the West. Its a bit of a copout, but its now canonical, so they're going to keep using it.

        Can't say I ever particularly liked the name 'Eggman' though, even if he IS shaped like an egg. It's an awful name, nickname or otherwise.

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