The Splinter Cell Conviction 360 Bundle Unveiled

Ubisoft today unveiled a Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction Special Edition Xbox 360 bundle.

The $US400 bundle will come with a 250GB hard drive, two wireless controllers and a standard edition of the game. It won't, however, include a spiffy design or paint job on the console itself or the controllers for that matter.



    So all you're really getting is a 250GB HDD strapped to a standard Elite and a pretty box...... You don't even get a Limited Edition copy of the game,just standard =\

      just to prove you wrong, an extra wireless controller!

    Why are the 250gb HD not available alone..

      why wont microsoft let us use any harddrives?? there is one way to get a 250gb hardrive though. Western digital make a few which are compatible with an xbox 360. there are tuts on youtube of how to set it up and everything. This may void your warranty though i havent read it so i am unsure :P



    Sure, MW2 was a FANTASTIC idea. Best bundle imo.

    Mass Effect 2 bundle was pointless. You've got a single player game. A single player SEQUEL. And the console wasn't even specially designed. Boring. No one bought it.

    Final Fantasy - again, single player game. WHITE. With "Final Fantasty 13" on the HDD, not the console. Not that special.

    And now this? Come on guys, this is enough.

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