The Tester: Episode 5: The "Buzz In Or Buzz Off" Liveblog

Another week, another 1GB worth of PlayStation 3 hard drive space eaten by The Tester, the PlayStation Network's first reality show in which 11 hopefuls fight for a spot to play buggy PlayStation games until they're less buggy.

If you didn't catch our admittedly late recap of last week's show, in which The Tester contestants LARPed awkwardly for a chance to appear on future episodes, mousy Brooklynite Luge was given the boot. Why? Her impaired LARPing leadership skills were to blame, leading to her removal and the flowing of tears by her admirer and fellow contestant Doc.

What will happen this week on The Tester? Plenty of promotion for Sony's game show series Buzz. Yes, in this week's episode, The Tester competitors will play their most relevant game yet, one in which video game trivia appears to play some part. Let's hear it for relevance!

The Tester - Episode 5


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