The Tron Legacy Trailer In Sexy High Definition Now Online

Disney has released the new, two minute twenty second trailer for Tron Legacy, the Joseph Kosinski-directed sequel to the 1982 computer generated landmark film. It's yours for the downloading and obsessive pausing on sexy frames just like this one.

That's the same Tron Legacy trailer we saw last week, only in downloadable form and in now-antiquated 2D. Get your first listen to Daft Punk's musical contributions to the new Tron, a good look at double the Jeff Bridges, and your fill of of sleek gladiatorial action between actors in tight-fitting suits.

Then take a cold shower, 'cause Tron Legacy won't be out until December 17. :(

Tron Legacy Trailer


    That was AWESOME.

    I can't wait to see this. They even confirmed that Tron would be back in it to some capacity as well. :D

    This is my wet dream. F'ing fantastic.

    For some reason the download links only give me a 189 bit mov file.
    Is there something wrong with my net connection or am I just not allowed to download it

    This is a Day-1 IMAX view for me!

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