The Video Game Hero That Makes Chuck Norris Look Lame

Atlus' "ultimate love letter to retro gamers" 3D Dot Games Heroes features a main character so powerful that dragons consider him a boss fight. Funny, he just looks like a pile of blocks to me.

Of course what the hero of 3D Dot Game Heroes looks like is completely up to you. You can either customise the character you're given, or create your own hero using the building blocks the game gives you. Once created, you can even share with your friends via USB stick. What, no network trading support? How very retro.

3D Dot Game Heroes is due out on May 11 exclusively for the PlayStation 3, with a suggested retail price of $US39.99.


    Kinda spoils the first few boss fights. I've finished the game but others might not wanna know what all the bosses are.

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