The Video Gamer's Eternal Struggle Summed Up In One Photo

As seen on Crass Anxiety.


    His best friend is getting it with his girlfriend and he doesn't care because he just got 1887'd in CoD6? Woah.

      It might be time to put down the controller when people have stopped giving a toss to the point they are making out right next to you.

      Guy in the yellow has the right idea. Red shirt may have just doomed any possibility of escaping his virginity... ever.

    Raise the cap and just get over it.
    Gen Y have less problems with then the older generations, lots of gen Y girls play games.

    I think I am just lucky (gen X) to a wife who have finished Fable II and Dragon Age Origins before than me (ok, she did it on easy difficult).

    That girl has wonderful legs.

      amazing legs....

      im not the only pervert ;)

        Ditto, nice legs.

      Jesus guys, she'd be like 14 years old!

      There be some goddamn cradle snatchers up in here.

        maybe the kids posting are 14?


    My money is on him playing Halo :P

    Nah rage like that comes from COD or Gears. Great legs ;)

    DO WANT!

    I saw this on 4chan about two months ago, and ever since something stuck in my head rather jarringly.

    I'm not sure if it is true, but that girl looks like a guy.

    cannot unsee argh

    ...I'm pretty sure I used to own that couch.

      Maybe you should wash it?

      To all those commenting on her legs, I really hope you're also early teens.

      sad thing is.. so did i.. lol

    despite what everyone else is saying if your with 2 people who are going out and all lovey dovey like that id much rather be playing on a 360 then sitting there being like.... sooo ur making out again i see.

    one thing to express the kids face



    Where the hell are their parents?

    Those kids are like 13 years old.

      what? when you were that age did your parents constantly watch you while being 2 meters away? LOL

    The dude on the right - doin' it right.

    No Kotaku, this picture sums up perfecly how juxtapositional imagery can imply mutual exclusivity.

    The keyword being 'imply', right? In my experience, they aren't.

    I had hoped Stephen Totilo would have more of an affect on this blog.

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