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If the StarCraft II beta has managed to whet your appetite for sci-fi-flavoured real-time strategy, then you might want to check out another SC2 launching this week.

That screenshot there is from Supreme Commander 2, a remarkably large-scale RTS from Total Annihilation (remember that?) developer Chris Taylor and Gas Powered Games. I have no idea what's going on in that pic, but it looks kinda awesome.

Military fetishists will also be keen on Bad Company 2, the first Battlefield release since EA publicly claimed the "franchise" would be their rival to Call of Duty. Is it serious competition? We'll see.

My pick of the week is actually a bundled re-release of Penumbra: Overture and Penumbra: Black Plague in the imaginatively titled Penumbra Collection. Fans of spooky stories and inventive physics puzzles should check it out.

What are you picking up this week?

New releases for the w/c March 1:

Assassin's Creed II (PC) What Is It? Belated PC release of the excellent sandbox sequel and my game of the year runner-up. Should You Care? Does your love of Renaissance Italy outweigh your hatred of egregious DRM?

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Military FPS that delivers a flashy Modern Warfare 2 style campaign and team-based multiplayer that falls on the accessible side of MAG. Should You Care? A good choice if you're already bored of Modern Warfare 2.

Boot Camp Academy (Wii) What Is It? "Players can learn how to drive a tank, spy on their enemies, protect the Earth from space invaders… as well as peeling potatoes and doing push-ups!" Should You Care? Wait, what... I can't wait to peel potatoes with the Wiimote...

Fat Princess (PSP) What Is It? Tardy handheld port of last year's amusing team-based hack, slash and eat 'em up. Should You Care? How often do you take your PSP online?

Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island (PC) What Is It? Spectral take on the Monkey Island point-and-click adventure formula. Should You Care? Albeit without trying to be anywhere near as funny.

Machinarium (PC) What Is It? Boxed retail release of last year's wonderfully quirky adventure from the makers of Samorost. Should You Care? Go pick up 2009's best adventure game. Now.

Penumbra Collection (PC) What Is It? Genuinely terrifying survival horror adventures with physics based puzzles instead of combat. Should You Care? Scare yourself silly. Now.

Silent Hunter 5 (PC) What Is It? Submarine sim that has you captaining a German U-boat during World War II. Should You Care? Does your love for subs outweigh your hatred of egregious DRM?

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing (360, PS3, Wii, DS, PC) What Is It? Mario Kart style racing with a roster of classic Sega characters. And Sonic. Should You Care? It's got Space Channel 5's Ulala, Beat from Jet Set Radio and Shenmue's Ryo.

Supreme Commander 2 (PC) What Is It? Hardcore real-time strategy that follows the bigger-is-better philosophy. Should You Care? Think of it as the antithesis to Dawn Of War II.

Undead Knights (PSP) What Is It? Hack and slasher where you recruit for yourself an army of zombies. Should You Care? Dynasty Warriors with zombies is not as much fun as it might sound.


    Bad Company 2 for me this week. Loved the beta and can't wait to check out the full game.

    May also pickup Bioshock 2 and Heavy Rain from Toys 'R' Us as part of the 2 games for $150 promotion.

    Hey Kotaku, do you have a guide on the different BFBC2 editions? The EB preorder has a rifle unlock i think, JB has a hat (possibly only online?) limited addition has perks for vehicles - is that only accessible through the limited edition? or can we get it normally too?

      The LE stuff you can eventually unlock anyway - you just get it day one.
      Same I think with the EB bonus gun.
      That said it is the same price as the normal version...

    Battlefield PS3 is delayed until 11th March.

    Other SKUs still 4th.

    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (360, PS3, PC)

    Might want to check the PS3 release date status with EA... Both EB and GAME are listing the game set for the 11th for PS3, no change to the others though...

    BattleField BC 2 lets just hope aussie servers are a commen thing, and it will then already beat MW2 horrible mulitplayer!

    Too bad they bumped up the AU price on BC2 on Steam, I had been seriously considering buying that. The extra cost isn't really all that much to me, however I refuse to buy games that do this on principal.

    AC2 is out because of DRM as well.

    Supreme Commander 2 looks awesome. To bad I terminally suck at RTS and don't enjoy them that much. (WTB FPS version SC2, don't care if it's blocky up close, just want to participate in absurd scale battle)

    Machinarium (PC)

    Is Australia getting the same edition i've seen on some sites mentioning an artbook & soundtrack? (cause that was the whole reason I was waiting for the physical english edition)

    Looking forward very much to BF:BC2 (PC). Also i am slightly interested in Supreme Commander 2 as i have heard it is a great improvement over the original (i didn't enjoy the original that much) but i think i will wait till it hits the bargain bin....

    I have been playing around with the demo of SupCom2 and there is a debug mode where you can cheat and unlock all of the units in the game. There is a range of interesting experimental (think huge) units but very few normal units. Everything seems to be multi purpose now.

    Aeon don't have a navy at all, rather they have ground units which can hover and the most experimental units. UEF are the only faction with a dedicated fighter and bomber, with Cybran and Aeon both getting a fighter/bomber combo unit.

    The other thing that I am preying is fixed is the terrible balance. Some of the Aeon experimental units were horrifically weak. One of the big complaints on the forums of SC2 is that point defense units are under powered and useless, yet 3 basic PDs are able to kill an Aeon 'Block Assault' Experimental unit and survive.

    I will probably end up getting this anyway because I love TA and SC a lot, but I am hoping the demo isn't an indicator of the final balance.

    A large amount of my time this week was eaten by the Starcraft 2 beta. It's really insane, I don't see myself even playing these other games coming out. I almost didn't even get into the beta. Luckily I found a key from some site giving them away. If anyone's interested the site's here:

    But to be honest the beta could be a lot better. Perhaps letting more people in would be key, I feel like I've played the same 50 guys over and over again. Maybe over the coming months they'll let some other people get a chance to get in?

    Supreme Commander 2 is already up for preload on Steam, for those doing it that way. I downloaded it last night, so it'll be ready to play when it's released.

    None. FF13 is the 300 pound gorilla around the corner... no point picking up anything new since that will eat my gaming time for a month at least (and I still need to finish ME2 before then... sadly won't have time to repeat it as a Renegade until at least after FF13 is done).

    The box for L4D (PAL-360) refers to the antagonists as zombies.

    I was probably going to buy Supreme Commander 2. Then I played the demo, and I most definately will NOT be getting it.... they totally destroyed the concept of the original, it feels like your playing C&C Generals from 2003, and the graphics looked around that quality as well.

    The UEF experimental carrier looked like it was made out of plastic tbh.

    Where can you get Machinarium? EB, GAME, and JB have no mention of it on their sites.

      Online retailers such as Games Warehouse and CDWow are listing it. Can't say I'm surprised the big retailers aren't stocking it.

    I also noticed them bump up the BFBC2 game on Steam. If it had good reviews would probably have got it via steam but despise them when they increase the price and say oh it was just a marketing mistake (anyone remember Borderlands doing the same thing). I didn't buy it just for that reason and wont be buying until 1/2 price at Xmas - if it does that. Might be the only BF I don't get.
    I did however buy SC2 at $45US and would have bought at US$50 - over that and you don't get my sale. Not when I have to download it/store it no instructions no box, you don't have to pay a shop to get it ect.
    Cheaper prices = more people buying it. Simple math.

    Hey David, I thought that silent hill shattered memories was annouced for this week. Has it been delayed?

    probably picking up Battlefield: Bad Company 2, i enjoyed the first one and the MP demo with the Rush map was pretty fun, will be a nice alternative from MW2 in which is a bit like WoW...good not great but so addictive <D:

    I'll get BC2 and Machinarium. Will get Pokemon at the end of the month (was going to preorder overseas for a sooner release date, cheaper price and a figurine BUT dat shippin price.

    A friend told me that you can get a pack of IGF finalists from ACMI in Melbourne that includes Osmos and Machinarium. Anyone confirm this?

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