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Confession time: I've never played a God of War game.

Never played either one on PS2. Nor the one on PSP. Haven't played the third, released this week on PS3. (I tried to remedy that over the weekend, but was undone by my "debug" PS3 console not having the latest firmware. Maybe I'm destined to never guide Kratos up Mount Olympus.)

Generally speaking I'm not a fan of brawlers. I'd rather explore a world than memorise combos. I'd prefer to solve puzzles and navigate an environment than slice heads off enemies.

To get specific with regard to third-person action games, I'd rather play Batman: Arkham Asylum, Prince of Persia and Assassin's Creed than Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden or even Darksiders

So, I ask you: would I like God of War?

And: are you spending your gaming money on something else this week?

New releases for the w/c March 15:

Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight (PC) What Is It? Boisterous, often ridiculous real-time strategy veteran gets yet another run-out, this time promising the last you'll see of Kane. Should You Care? You do wanna know how the story pans out, don't you?

Dragon Age: Origins: Awakening (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Expansion pack brings new party members and a new world to explore to Bioware's acclimed fantasy RPG. Should You Care? If 60 hours of Dragon Age wasn't enough, here have some more.

God Of War III (PS3) What Is It? A rolercoaster ride through Greek mythology supported by plenty of meaty hack-and-slash combat. Should You Care? It really is God of War again, only bigger and louder than before.

Lips: Party Classics (360) What Is It? Yet more songs for Microsoft's karaoke game, that's all. Should You Care? New Order, Cameo and Dusty Springfield are cancelled out by, well, the shitty remainder of the tracklist.

Metro 2033 (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? Story-driven, horror-themed, sci-fi-tinged first-person shooter straight outta the Ukraine. Should You Care? It'll be too weird for many of you, but this is well worth investigating if you like something a bit different.

Moto GP 09/10 (360, PS3) What Is It? A motorbike racing sim. Should You Care? Do you like motorbikes, racing and sims? (I don't!)

Rugby League 3 (Wii) What Is It? "Visceral Wii Remote motion controls bring the physicality of Rugby League into your living room." Should You Care? Let's hope it doesn't also bring the drunken idiocy.


    you dont know if you will like it or not so you havent played it. thats like little kids that dont like to eat veggies because they never have.

    anyways, it is an expensive game. i'd say rent it, play it hard over three days and finish it and BAM you saved moneys.

    You're not alone David, GoW has passed me by as well. I have played Assassin's Creed and Devil May Cry though, and I agree with your comparison.

    "I’d prefer to solve puzzles and navigate an environment"

    The God of War series have a lot of puzzles that you will need to figure out to proceed. So it's not just slicing heads off enemies. I would give it a go if I were you. But to be honest, I am not too hyped about it, the previous games in the series were a lot of fun to play and the graphics were lush but I am not the biggest fan of Kratos around.

    "I’d prefer to solve puzzles and navigate an environment"

    God of war 1 & 2 are about 50/50 combat and puzzles/platforming.

      Aren't they all just 'push this block along an obvious path' and 'smash the coloured things in order' puzzles? I'll admit I never really got into God of War on the PS2 but I beat both of them and I don't remember ever having to think to progress.

    I've barely played previous GOW games, but have pre-ordered GOW3 as there's not really many other good games coming out at the moment, and I need something to play while I wait for Just Cause 2. Have been playing the JC2 demo all weekend, and can't wait for it to come out!

    Better tell the devs that Metro 2033 is coming to PS3 too, as they dont seem to think so.

    If you liked the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games then this should be right up your street.

    Yes, yes you should play GoW3.

    There's puzzles. Not an insane number of combos, and they're pretty intuitive - plus you unlock them slowly, so they're easy to remember.

    Thinking about it, the mechanics of the fighting are similar to those in AA - obviously using different weapons, but with the same fluidity.

    Same here David!! I'm not a huge fan of 40,000-ways-to-beat-up-people games, but did get some fun out of the devil may cry if only for the artistic style of the games. I think GOW might be a game that will make me want to play it just so i can look at it. :)

    "I’d prefer to solve puzzles and navigate an environment than slice heads off enemies."

    God of War has both.

    DebugPS3? Buy a slim!
    Get a copy of GOW Collection. Start from the beginning.

    I've always found the God of War games to be fairly tight brawlers that (beyond the invisible walls) control near perfectly, but give you an incredible amount of control over Kratos to do what you need to. Which is good, because there's some pretty insane encounters in the games released so far - although the PSP release was a bit less so, given how easy it was to glitch enemies & exploit the combat system. The puzzle stuff included doesn't feel like an afterthought but the focus is still mostly on carving your way through the horde in front of you.

    They're also a good bunch of games to avoid if you don't like Quicktime Events, given I think God of War kind of pioneered the current QTE phase.

    Hang on - C&C4 hits this week? That popped up rather quickly/quietly!

      That said I've played all 3 GoW games to completion (but never done much in the way of the extra content, largely as I only ever hired them), so GoW3 will be the first one I've actually owned. Thursday won't come fast enough!

    Does this mean the Dragon Age expansion is getting a disc based PS3 release now?

    Nor have I David - and i don't really plan to.
    I'm with you 110% - I don't like Hack & Slash games really and I really need to be in a rare mood to play them.

    Playing them feels so rushed and no matter what anyone says about Fighting games and Hack & Slash, it still is button mashing.

    They're to genres I really cannot stand usually.

    RUGBY LEAGUE THREE? Seriously, that's the best name they could come up with? Was there a contest at the developer to produce the most generic, bland title ever made? C'mon! At least call it Rugby League Wii 2010 or something. Jesus.

    I'm interested in Metro 2033.

    You forgot one David - Perfect Dark is meant to be getting an XBLA release this week! (Something no doubt pointed out multiple times by when the site is updated/moderation queues approved)

    *shock* havent played GoW? sacrilege! :p

    I reckon you'll like it, try and get GoW collection so you can be immersed into the story, even play the psp version

    getting metro aswell

    No you wouldn't and if you've never played a God of War you don't deserve to.. But didn't you get a new PS3 slim? You should get God of war collection, the 1 + 2 HD ports, its $30 bucks to import. The PSP version is $18 and a solid extension of the story as well as being a great game. $38 to get up to speed on one of gamings most epic franchises. They're not even long games 5-6 hours max you could finish all three in a weekend.

    I also have never played a God of War game, and have been tempted to pick up 3 for my PS3, but I too have never been a fan of brawlers. I love jumping (as in Prototype) but *hate* jumping puzzles and having to jump across perilous things in succession, so not as big a fan of Prince of Persia.

    I have a backlog of games to play, so will wait for GoW3 to go platinum, but will be interested to see if you enjoy it David.

    Am currently playing Metro 2033 on the 360 and enjoying it immensely/

    God of War is a unique game, I too am not into mindless brawlers, but GOW just has a charm to it that it just draws u in, and u just let loose in.

    It just is strangely satisfying when u pull things off. The combos really aren't that difficult either, the learning curve is very minor. Highly recommend u take the plunge david.

    Hey are you guys intending on doing a review for Metro 2033?
    I'm curious but not $100 curious just yet.

    How about solving puzzles, negotiating environments AND slicing heads? God of War (and Darksiders) offers all 3.

    God of War is not a brainless masher. You will need to use different strategies against different enemies. The combat itself is often a kind of puzzle, when an evnironmental feature is added (eg GoW2 had a fight on a temporarily electrified floor, like in Batman).

    So, yes, you may well like it. You'll feel tougher if you beat it.

    They're old-school, with fixed cameras and unforgiving puzzles/checkpoints. And yet they are spectacular games well worthy of experiencing, even now. Play the PS3-upscaled* collector's versions of the first two games first, though (you can skip the PSP game Chains of Olympus). They just take Greek mythology and exploit the hell out of it, and it's surprisingly fun. You fight gods, you descend into Hades and FIGHT YOUR MOTHERF*CKING WAY OUT AGAIN, you climb Titans and fight hydra - it's just a great time, a couple of particularly difficult puzzles notwithstanding.

    Brawlers aren't my sort of game either, but I whole-heartedly recommend the GoW series. But do start at the beginning, recently re-released for PS3.

    *Well, the in-game graphics are upscaled: for some reason the cut-scenes are still PS2 quality.

    I've never played God of War games, either, mainly because I didnt get a PS2. Everyone says they're awesome but they always had that 'PS2 Syndrome' feel to them (casual gamer's games)

    My night off from work tonight and FFXIII didn't arrive in the mail this morning grrrr.

    Metro 2033 will probably get some love from me depending on Price of course.

    I agree with you, I would prefer to play a game like Assassins Creed or Uncharted 2 than something like DMC or Ninja Gaiden, but I'm really into God of War. Sure, brawling is a big part of it, but I think it's more cinematic than for the hardcore brawlers. As someone once said, It's like the Uncharted of brawlers. I think you should at least try it.
    After God of War 3, I won't be buying any games for awhile, as I am one of the idiots who went for the Ultimate Trilogy Edition.

    Metro 2033 on PS3?

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