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April begins with a bang, thanks to the base-jumping, helicopter-grappling, propane tank-riding exploits of one Rico Rodriguez.

Just Cause was a magnificent experiment. At its chaotic best, it was a free-wheeling homage to every implausible Hollywood action scene you've ever seen. Trouble was, its best didn't happen often enough. Too often you'd find yourself bored by the cookie-cutter missions and frequent down times between the action.

The solution for Just Cause 2 is to give you more ways to create chaos and exaggerate the existing arsenal. The masterstroke being your grapple can now attach itself to anything, not just vehicles. The result is a hyperbolic ballet of acrobatic carnage.

Sure, the missions are still dumb, the AI still dimwitted and the on-foot moments still leaden the pace. But, frankly, who cares?

What do you care about this week?

UPDATE: Added two DS RPGs, Avalon Code and Luminous Arc 2, both of which are apparently also out this week.

New releases for the w/c March 29:

Animal Kororo (DS) What Is It? I honestly have no idea beyond it appears to be some sort of cutesy puzzle game. Should You Care? Do you like to gamble?

Avalon Code (DS) What Is It? Fantasy RPG from the developers of Alundra which features a "code" system that allows you to essentially hack enemies and items. Should You Care? Interface issues aside, there's enough that's new here to be worth investigation.

Empire: Total War Gold Edition (PC) What Is It? Bundle featuring last year's Total War entry plus a handful of DLC. Should You Care? Napoleon is a better game.

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon (Wii) What Is It? Evocative and almost ethereal adventure with a very Japanese take on the post-apocalyptic scenario. Should You Care? For those who enjoy a slow-burn melancholy.

Just Cause 2 (360, PS3, PC) What Is It? A sandbox of guns, grapples, cars, planes and explosions that is as spectacular and silly as your imagination. Should You Care? You can shoot a propane tank, grapple it and ride it like a rocket into the sky.

Luminous Arc 2 (DS) What Is It? By-the-book strategic role-playing that waits for Final Fantasy Tactics to take its turn. Should You Care? Solid but unspectacular.

Samurai Shodown Sen (360) What Is It? The fourth 3D Samurai Shodown fighting game, it says here. Should You Care? Hmm, isn't Super Street Fighter IV out later this month...

Supreme Commander 2 (360) What Is It? Decent real-time strategy sequel already out on PC, now making its way to console. Should You Care? The revamped interface is allegedly superior to that of the original, but still... really?


    Been playing JC2 over the weekend. It's awesome. The size of the world map is amazing as well. The controls for the aircraft are unfortunately a bit weak (no rudder control on the planes? bleh)

    Wait, what, Fargile is out? This week? In Australia? Might finally be dusting off my Wii.

      Actually, does anyone have any information on who is selling Fragile? I can't seem to find any information on who is stocking it.

        EB, GAME and JB aren't stocking it, so you'll have to hunt around online or try the independent stores. I've requested more specific distribution details and will let you know.

          Correction: According to All Interactive Entertainment, Rising Star's new Australian distributor, both GAME and JB will be stocking Fragile Dreams.

    so who is all interactive entertainment? seems like they're the distributor instead of rising star now and doing nmh2, rune factory and fragile.

      They do Rising Star, 505 Games and N3V Publishing. Not sure of any others though.

    Well that crept up on me, here I am lost within the world of all 3 God of War games... and Just Cause 2 is about to drop...

    So loving that the next 3 weeks are 4 day weeks!


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