The World's Greatest Dungeons & Dragons Room

Devon Burntwire has, for the last two years, been working on a little project: a custom room, designed solely for games of Dungeons & Dragons. It's now finished, and it's amazing.

In addition to the obvious things, like the table and "library" storage for game and rule books, the room is full of other neat tricks, like a portcullis, hidden sound system and, best of all, the room's lighting (and fog machine!) are controlled by the game's dungeon master.

Two Years Later...[The Acaeum, via Boing Boing]


    I wonder if this guy has a life, or a wife

      Who *cares*?! I want that weapon rack!

      Lets see, he...*Rolls die* ooh, a 20. Lets see...he's married to a supermodel, has 2 kids, and designs race cars.


      Do you really think if this guy had a wife that they would let them build this.

    While it does sound like an interesting and cool room you can't help but think, its still Dungeons & Dragons.

    Depends what you mean by "life"
    How can you class someone who has a life or not, there are no standards on life champ.

    Live the way you want, sleeping with lots of women doesnt always mean you are successful.


      Winning at the game of life is all about personal happiness. And I'd say this guy is doing a rather good job for himself.

        Hear hear Death & gary...good to see sensible readers on this site.

          Am I the only one who see's the irony in the phrase "Death & Gary" in an article about D&D?

          Anyone else?

    My wife would be the one building this, so suck that stereotypes :P

    That would have been a dream come true back when I was 15.

    Heh, I lol'd at the trolls(or just plain idiots) who asked if this guy has a life/wife.

    Most adults who play D&D have girlfriends/wives/partners who also play D&D. My girlfriend loves playing D&D with me and my mates. And she would be just as into building a room like this as I would be.

    So before you trolls(idiots) post troll comments(idiot comments), do some research, elsewise you just look like a douche :)

    Who cares what is played in the room, it beats b/s wallpaper and crap furniture.

    Someday I'll have a man cave .00001% as cool as yours! I'd settle just to have that table.

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