The World's Most Badass Exercise Video Game

The game you see here will include a calorie counter. Lose weight by delivering a punch to the gut, followed by a head butt.

This is Motion Fighter, a motion-controlled bare-knuckle brawling game unveiled last week for the PlayStation 3's new Wii-style wand controller, the PlayStation Move. During an interview with Kotaku, Sony vice president of worldwide studios Scott Rohde mentioned that the game will include a calorie counter. "Based on your play session, it will tell you how many calories you've burned," he said. "There will be different ways to be working out with that."

Dancing games, namely, Dance Dance Revolution, have had calorie counters in the past, so this isn't unheard of. And, of course, Wii Fit has sold more than 20 million copies on the strength of the promise that a video game can make you fit. But the Wii does it with yoga, not with headlocks and head-punches.

Playing Motion Fighter will certainly getting you moving. But will it help you drop some pounds? It'll at least help you count those calories away.

I have a hunch people are going to stick with Wii Fit for their gaming fitness needs, but you never know.


    I suppose you can keep you dignity with this as opposed to playing Wii sports by yourself.

    People play Wii sports? I thought that was the thing that people bought, realised was shocking(and based on the BMI index lul) and only brought out for the oldies..

    I dont see Ethel and Ol Roger playin this.

      That's Wii Fit you're talking about. Shows how ignorant you are mate.

    Id buy this Face-Smashing game, Seems more interesting than Wii sports.

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