The Yakuza 4 Hummer Limousine Pulls Up

In large Japanese cities, driving a big American car can prove challenging. There are endless narrow backstreets and fixing the car in a parking place can be a nightmare. Try imagining doing that in a Hummer. No, a Hummer limousine.

To draw stares, SEGA rolled out this Yakuza 4 branded Hummer limo on the Tokyo streets of Shinjuku, Shibuya and Roppongi. Yes, the car cruised the man drag so it probably wasn't any more difficult to handle than, say, a city bus.

龍が如く仕様 ハマーリムジン走行中! [RYUGAGOTOKU OFFICIAL BLOG]


    I wonder this limousine looks like since it's from japan. :)

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