There Is Yet Another New Yakuza Game Announced

Like clockwork, SEGA churns out a new Yakuza game almost every year. With Yakuza 4 coming out in Japan this March, it's time for... another new Yakuza game.

SEGA announced the new title in the Yakuza series at a press event in Tokyo with a new trailer and concept art. The trailer featured the words "Project K" and then announced that the game was the new Yakuza project.

The trailer then shows the gate of night spot Kamurocho, which is the in-game version of Tokyo's seedy Kabukicho. Following that, a series of title cards and concept flash the screen. The title cards reads, "A young guy appeared in Kamurocho." It shows the character walking through the rain. The next cards say, "The young guy knew it", followed by the "The weight of the crimes he continued to commit", "However, the young guy didn't know it yet" and "A cruel fate soon awaited", "And thus, the young guy knew" and "Battle is my destiny".

The last title card reads, "A new challenge for Yakuza begins". Perhaps, the series is getting a reboot with a new hero to replace protagonist Kiryu Kazuma? It could also be a spin-off much like Yakuza: Kenzan! was, but it does not look to be another "historical" Yakuza title. It appears to be set in the modern day.

There is no info about when the game will be released, but Yakuza: Kenzan! was released in 2008, Yakuza 3 was released in 2009 and Yakuza is being released this year in Japan.

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