There's A Secret Message In The Witcher 2 Trailer

Those sneaky developers at CD Projekt RED snuck a frame's worth of secret messages to their biggest fans in the middle of today's trailer for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. So what do they have to say?

The message is basically CD Projekt RED promising fans of the original Witcher game an improved experience, explaining in charmingly-flawed English (the developers are Polish) how the original game was the developer's debut, and they are now ready to deliver a much improved, more mature game to fans of the PC RPG.

I love little messages like this. It's a great way to give a sly wink to the fans whose support and appreciation "motivate us and make us happy".

via Reddit


    Hopefully Witcher 2 will have less problems and more refinements from the first. If so, it'll be on my list.

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