These Fable III Screens From GDC Are All Mine

This batch of Fable III screenshots from the Game Developers Conference are indeed all mine, at least in the 'underground area where ore is extracted from the earth' definition of the word.

It's pretty much a given these days that any fantasy role-playing game worth its salt much have a mining area in it. Hell, it's been a rule for decades now. There's just something about mine carts that scream fantasy. When all the kids in my neighbourhood growing up would play Dungeons & Dragons outdoor imagination adventures, I was always the mine cart.


    That looks awesome, the character models are waaaaaaay better. Can't wait for this, I just hope they don't dumb it down *too* much. I'd almost bet that with any game out there are a large percentage of people who buy it out of impulse, and maybe pop the disk in the drive, play it for twenty minutes then never touch it again. However, as long as Molyneux doesn't forget the real Fable fans, I'm with him all the way.

    I loved Fable 1 even though it was super easy I enjoyed completing that game at least 30 times just because it was enjoyable. Fable 2 though. Well that had AWESOME powers and such but the story was so so soooooo weak! I don't know what happened when they were making but like the part where you're a kid ... Ill never get that time back and the last boss with the box Jesus that was a let down. The first one had a Dragon. A. DRAGON!

    In saying all of that the character models look much better the worlds look better laidout and I am once again excited for fable 3 :D

    Yeah, I won't be paying much, if any, attention to Fable 3 until it's released. Molyneux just can't stop himself from over-promoting his games, which just leaves us all disappointed that they aren't as good as we were led to believe.

      *sigh* I'm sick of comments like this. So Molyneux didn't have real time growing trees in Fable, what other reason do you have? It's fucking irrelevant... I mean, with Fable 1 and 2, he created one of the most believable and detailed fantasy worlds ever put into a video game. I was absolutely sucked in by both of them, and they remain some of my favourite games of al time because I let myself enjoy them for what they were, not just sat there with a checklist of things that were or weren't there.

      Genuinely, if you just *play* his games and not try to care about the features, they do so much in terms of it's world and lore that most other games fail to even scratch the surface of.

        You need to get out there and play some RPG's if you think the Fable games were incredible. I mean any final fantasy game will trumps it in story and design easily. My personal favourites have been the Fallout series and Deux Ex, both games that had very detailed storylines and great character freedom. Fallout 2 especially had fantastic detail and a believable world.

        The Fable games were at best good action RPG games that were only ever aimed at a very casual gamer audience. I did have fun with the first one but I didn't hear any of the hype beforehand. The second was a complete disappointment. He made out it would be the best game ever. He claimed there would be deep emotional ties, to not only characters but in starting your own family. Your family in fable 2 was nothing but a nuisance, it felt like they were thrown in as an afterthought.

        Or the way the world would change from the way you played it. There were only a couple of times this happened and it was always directly due to a quest. Look at Mass Effect, or even KOTOR for games that did some cause and effect.

        The fact is he always makes out like his games are going to be revolutionary and always exaggerates what will be in the game. I guarantee he will do the same with this.

          You think I haven't played any of the games you mentioned? I was a big fan of the Elder Scrolls series long before Fable 1 came out...

          You sound like the kind of person who wades through the main quest and thinks that's it... who cares about cause and effect, since when did that make or break a game? And the "deep emotional ties", it sounds like you expected it to be some kind of romance novel?

          I say again, there is a lot more to the Fable games than meets the eye, if you're not just sitting there expecting it to be the greatest game ever made. And it comes down to a lot more than what Molyneux says which seems to be all you're focusing on. There is more than one person who works on a game, you know... and Fable has one of the best art styles I've seen as well, but I guess that means nothing to you because Molyneux didn't say so. I'd say the same about Halo... you can throw around meaningless words like "casual" but it's your own fault all you could see in these games was the pre release hype. It's a pretty shallow outlook IMO.

            Cause and effect almost always make and break an RPG, especially when it marketed so, like Fable 1 was. It makes the world believable and makes you as the protagonist feel as though you are actually a part of the world.

            As for emotional ties, I'm not talking about a romance novel, I'm talking about having actual real characters. Characters that emote, that have large roles in the storyline, characters that aren't just poor 2-dimensional stereotypes. You dont need to love a character, you can hate them, but a game does need to make you feel something otherwise it has failed as an RPG as one of the most integral points of an RPG is a compelling story which you will fail in if you cannot create an emotional attachment to the player.

            Which is actually what Molyneux was trying to do all along. That was the entire reason for the inclusion of the dog, to teach you to love. The same for the family. Every scene with the sister is supposed to be setup to make you care about her, but the fact is it didn't work.

            I'm not just judging these games on pre-release hype. Fable 1 and 2 were good games, but they were not what they were advertised to be, nor were they what the could have been.

            As for more than what meets the eye, I'd like to know what? I mean I didn't just wade through the main quest, I did every quest, what few of them there were. I found all the gargoyles and most of the silver keys. But a couple of collectables linked to some unlocking of chests is not something new or very impressive. Its actually a little dull, though at least the audio cues from the gargoyle's were interesting.

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