This 3D Dot Game Heroes Trailer Is Zelda-Riffic

It might not be a real word, but Zelda-riffic is the only one I can come up with for this first full trailer for Atlus' PlayStation 3 exclusive 3D Dot Game Heroes.

The word applies to the gameplay as well. I've spent a little time with 3D Dot Game Heroes since I last posted on it, and I can say that the experience is a great deal like the original Legend of Zelda, mixed with a little Link to the Past. Atlus knows this, and Atlus is not ashamed. Should they be?


    This game is made of WIN. First day purchase for me!

      Assuming we even get it in Australia to beg-oh wait, region free! Hooray!

        Southpeak have confirmed a May release for PAL territories to match the US release. Now its only worth seeing if they do a budget price for us like Atlus is doing for the Americans.

    Cannot wait.

    Kotaku Aus, can you confirm we're getting it?

    I mean, if we're not, playasia, but still...

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