This Game Boy Looks Damn Good On Paper

French graphic design duo Zim and Zou have created a paper craft Game Boy that looks so real you could almost play a giant paper craft version of Tetris on it.

Thibault Zimmermann and Lucie Thomas, otherwise known as Zim and Zou, merge their artistic expertise in digital design and paper crafts to create these amazing works of paper art. The multicoloured Game Boy is simply gorgeous, and the more traditional version looks real enough to play. I'm so impressed that I might consider making an investment in construction paper and X-Acto knives, if only the team had left us some sort of guide for creating them ourselves.

Zim & Zou's Paper Game Gallery [Behance via Walyou]


    I thought the real gameboy was an actual real gameboy for a bit there.
    Just wow.

    Wow that's really cool! I thought it was a mod or something, but wow, really awesome. That must of took some real effort to do! Edges are a little choppy, but still! Fantastic!

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