This Is Why You Don't Buy A PS3 In A Parking Lot

A man from Evanston, Illinois found a PS3 for sale on Craigslist for $US250. So he arranged to buy it. The meeting was scheduled to take place in a parking lot. At night. Oh dear.

When he got there, he was greeted by two men emerging from a car. They met him, took his money, then... drove off. No violence, no threats, not even a "how do you do".

Local police are currently investigating, no doubt splitting their time between pursuing the criminals and shaking their heads at the sucker in question.

No no no no no. You buy consoles in a store. Not outside. Not in parking lots. In stores.

Man paying for craigslist PlayStation 3 loses $US250 in Best Buy parking lot [Daily Northwestern]


    major lol

    Gamers' version of a drug deal.

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