This Isn't How The Nintendo 3DS Will Work

Nope. However it works, it'll be more expensive, and advanced, than this. But is advanced always better? This 3D solution certainly has a charm of its own.

[via Tiny Cartridge]


    Not judging this video and their 3D ideas...

    But i wanna say the 3DS is gonna be a total fail - but its gonna be the complete opposite. Every time a new SKU model of the DS comes out it sells out, especially in Japan.

    The model itself will sell well, great even! But the failure i speak of, is how well it represents 3D, how well the quality is of the 3D games and what developers are gonna bother..

    I just predict Wii-like DS games.. which is pretty much the current DS catalogue minus lets say 20%. So its all gonna be 3D Nintendogs and Cooking in 3D.

      If it's anything like the DS library which has some well-known at not-so-well known pearlers in there, it's going to be a haven for many a classic.

      Seriously dude there are so many amazingly hardcore games on DS it's ridiculous. And I don't mean hardcore in a "GUNZ N VORLENCE AND ESEZX" (although Chinatown Wars was certainly a classic) I mean in a "has a lot of gameplay depth" way.

        I remember when the DS was a guaranteed fail because 'Noones gonna play a f*****g handheld game that uses a f*****g touchscreen and stylus! That's just stupid!' actual quote from years ago.

        We all saw how that turned out...

    This puts the pokedex I made out of mere copy paper to shame.

    not to get too technical, but the lenticular screens they're using can only do "depth 3D" not "height" 3D, so nothing will jump out at you in any sense, things will just appear deeper.
    so say, the background in a mario game would be further away than usual. it'll look good on tennis games maybe, possibly driving games, but no, it's not PS3's Ho Hum Postcards at a 2 Dollar Shop Perspective Depth 3D.

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