This Might Be The Best Game Trailer I've Ever Seen

Much like it did with Assassin's Creed, Ubisoft is making a short film to help promote the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. This is a short clip from that film. It's amazing.

As a piece of film, it's pretty good. As an exercise in game promotion, however, it takes the kind of work done by the Halo:ODST trailer and not only runs with it, it runs it into another timezone, doing a fantastic job of selling not only the setting and the tone, but the kind of weapons and tech to be found in the game, and even a re-assuring nod that, while Future Soldier is set in the future, it's grounded in reality.

Can't wait to see the rest of it.

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    is it just me, OR IS THAT AWESOME!!!!!

    shoulder mounted rocket launchers, cloaking, epic sniper rifles. I am SO getting this. The drones look kinda bad but i can live with that.

    You sir are correct, that was the best game trailer I've seen. Two things though was that the sniper didn't account for bullet drop and the ghosts formation was a little too tight. Other than that, near Hollywood standard.

      How do you know that in the future the scopes compensate don't for range?

      We didn't see down the scope when he took the shot... we were side on.

      Maybe he did compensate for drop.

    "radical ultranationalists have seized power in moscow..."

    again? why they keep letting these nutjobs take over. c'mon mr clancy.

    Very nice!

    that isnt a trailer of anything. it is an advertisement for a videogame.

    That, is very cool. Ivan looks veeeeeryy familiar...

    Good? Wow.

    It looks like an in game Command and conquer clip, and they're terrible.

    Has everyone forgot this is Ghost recon? This game has deviated so far from it's roots it makes me feel sick. 'Oh hey it's the future, anythings possible!' doesn't make it plausible. It started out as one of the most realistic shooters ever, now we are obviously going to have an invisible cloak, more regenerative health and god knows what else. I suppose we can see through walls now and all that other 'cool' stuff.

    Anything to make a buck. Why not just call it something else and leave the series alone? I bet there will be no PC/console version differences now either.

    Games truly do suck these days, almost as much as these marketing ploys. These games were popular in the first place for a reason.

      It's a catch 22. Make it the same and people complain that it's more of the same. Make it different people say leave the series alone. I'm personally on the side of leave the series alone and keep it strong to its roots.

      every single thing in that trailer was plausible. in fact, the only thing i saw that had the slightest chance of being seemingly implausible was the cloaking, but we've already developed primitive "invisibility cloaks". another 10 years into the future and i'd be surprised if it hasn't reached the standard shown in the video.

        Right, just like in the 80's when they said we'd have flying portable cars for the public. It's easy to just say anything will happen in 10 years because in 10 years nobodys going to give a shit about your comment.

        As for more of the same, every FPS is the same and has been for the last few years. The difficulty on the first few games was INSANE. Now you struggle to die for the most part. Who ever would have thought back then that the series would turn into this complete and utter consolified tripe. I beat we lose lean and dedicated servers this time around as well.

      Phill's right. Everything's crap. Games are crap. Advertisements are crap. If only somebody would delve deep into Phill's mind to make all of the super cool stuff that he must think about while the rest of us are stuck out here in the crap zone. Oh what a world it would be!

      Totally agree with you - GRAW on pc was something I could deal with; it didn't really have anything "too futuristic".

      Then GRAW 2 pushed that barrier with some random stuff (namely the emphasis on cross com); and now we have this thing which is so far removed from the original franchise that I'm annoyed that they put the name Ghost Recon on it.

      I hope they don't do the same thing to Rainbow - which itself has change significantly already but is now at a level I'm happy to accept.

      What does Ubi think they're doing?

      Have to agree with the C&C comment. It reminds me a lot of the command and conquer videos, it just has better effects. It's still a really cheesy sci-fi shooter video.

    It was ok. I'd have been more impressed if the sniper made a headshot.

    Holy shit it's like Ghost Recon married to Ghost in the Shell...

      Haha, I was thinking the same thing

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