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None of the non-video game comics hitting shops in the US this week really jump out at me, so let's stick with the three gaming comics of the week, including Felicia Day's first issue of The Guild.

Resident Evil #4 of 6

Written by Rick Sanchez and drawn by Jheremy Raapack and Ed Benes.

Summary Via Wildstorm Entertainment Publishing:

Neuermann Giesel is the cat's meow of Ubelandia's 20-something party scene. So it's only natural that BSAA Agents Gere and Sugarman wonder why he's chosen to hang at the remote jungle compound of Fritz Giesel – the CEO of Giesel Industries – instead of at a trendy club. And a tour of the compound turns deadly as the two agents are caught in Neuermann's idea of a T-Virus play date.

Plus don't miss superstar artist Ed Benes' 2-page origin story of Agent Mina Gere!

The Guild #1

Written by Felicia Day and drawn by Jim Rugg.

Summary Via Dark Horse Comics: Internet phenomenon The Guild comes to comics, courtesy of series creator, writer, and star Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog)!

Chronicling the hilarious on- and offline lives of a group of Internet role-playing gamers, the Knights of Good, The Guild has become a cult hit and is the winner of numerous awards from SXSW, YouTube, Yahoo, and the Streamys. Now Day brings the wit and heart of the show to this three-issue miniseries. In this origin tale of the Knights of Good, we learn about Cyd's life before joining the guild, how she became Codex, and how she began to meet the other players who would eventually become her teammates. This storyline fills in details never before revealed on the web show, making it a delightful new chapter for existing fans as well as a perfect jumping-on point for new fans!

Halo: Blood Line #4

Written by Fred Van Lente and drawn by Francis Portela.

Summary Via Marvel Comics:

Time is running out for Spartan: Black. Their commanding officer is about to be dissected by the psychotic monitor of The Line. Their AI Iona has been infected by Forerunner technology. One of their own has turned against them, pushing their already uneasy alliance with the Elite to the brink. A massive Covenant armada is converging on their position. Only a desperate gamble will save them — but that's why you always bet on Black.


    The sparten looks like he is shooting lasers from his eyes.

      Didn't you know?? That's how the weapon is made. Super Concentrated Spartan Eye Laser Blade. Energy Sword for short.

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