Three Sony Devs Switch Over To Valve

Three former top employees of the studio responsible for PlayStation3 exclusives Uncharted and Jak & Daxter have been hired away by Valve, perhaps indicating that publisher won't be developing "stepchild versions" for the PS3 anymore.

Naughty Dog has lost Vitaliy Genkin, Alex Vlachos, and Elan Ruskin to Valve. Valve's been critical of developing for the PS3 and open about their dissatisfaction with The Orange Box port, saying before they return to PS3 development, "we need to be able to support it in the right way." Three top guys from a Sony-owned studio would seem to provide that kind of support.

Valve Snatching Up Ex-Naughty Dog Employees [PlayStation Lifestyle, thanks Vallanthaz]


    They're going to need to do more than this to impress upon us to have faith in them again after talking shit and basically saying a big up urs to us all in the ps3 community. many of us are apart of the pc communcity aswell.

    Along the lines of throwing us a huge freaking bone, like a exclusive, not timed, an exclusive. getting a few developers onboard is not going to take back their laziness, and lack of talent involved with the ps3.

      Exclusive? hahaha, yep that will happen!

      Besides, why would you want an exclusive if valve have such a lack of PS3 dev talent? Not to mention how lazy they are!

      Go Go PS3 fanboi crybaby mode!

      Sssshhhh don't make a sound. We don't want to scare them off. Valve don't owe us anything other than the right to play their awesome games.

    finally ;3;

    So, that means Portal 2 for PS3 yeah? Pleeeaaasse say that's what it means!

    Three. Years. Old.

    With valve expanding to the Mac, it makes sense to also expand to the PS3

    Employees change companies often, that doesn't mean they are doing work based on their previous jobs. You are jumping to conclusions without any solid evidence.

    For all you guys know they were sick of working with the harder architecture so decided to work in some better development environments. As Bronal said, jumping to conclusions. Valve is a pretty good place to be at the moment.

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