Thrilled Scribblenauts Inventor Needs A Name For The Sequel

Beating Zelda and Grand Theft Auto, Jeremiah Slaczka's 5th Cell won top handheld and innovation honors at the Game Developer's Choice Awards for Scribblenauts. After winning, he explained why the sequel isn't "Scribblenauts 2" ... and I got Pokemon tips.

This is one of a series of Kotaku video interviews with many of the award-winners and special honorees from the Game Developers Choice Awards. Check out the rest of our GDC Backstage clips, featuring the creators of some of the world's best video games.

Video shot by Adam Barenblat for Kotaku.


    How about "scribblenauts: the sequel"

      lol ye. or Super Scribblenauts (you know, coz super is an adjective, and super seemed to make mario 100x more popular)

    Scribblenauts: Electric Time Raptor

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