Time For A Tomb Raider Comeback?

Time For A Tomb Raider Comeback?

Lara Croft took an off year in 2009. Is she making a gaming comeback in 2010?

Today, Gamasutra ran an interview with the new head of the most recent Tomb Raider development studio, Crystal Dynamics’ Darrell Gallagher, who told the outlet that his studio is working on two projects.

He provided only the vaguest of hints:

“For us it’s important that we take risks as we innovate,” he says. “We’ve been wanting to create an environment where innovation and risks are approached. Personally, I think the way to push that benchmark is have the belief and the conviction and ambition to achieve that goal. We have a clear vision of where we want to go, and we’re really pushing some bold decisions in terms of taking those next steps.”

But the article was then Tweeted by the ever-well-informed Game Trailers TV host Geoff Keighley, who chimed in: “Good interview with Crystal Dynamics. I’ve heard rumblings of a new Lara Croft project that’s gonna be at GDC.”

We’ve asked Square-Enix if any Tomb Raider plans are afoot for next week’s Game Developers’ Conference. If we hear anything or catch sight of Lara at the show we’ll be sure to let you know.

With no Tomb Raider game out since 2008’s Tomb Raider Underworld, are you ready for more? And would you want the version we heard about last year?

Interview: Crystal Dynamics Studio Head Talks Change, Evolution [Gamasutra]


  • I really enjoyed the last three Tomb Raiders.

    But I love games where theres no rush and you can kick back, take your time and explore.

  • Tomb Raider will never die, it’s a brilliant franchise which took a bad turn. If they can put it back on the right track, I’m really looking forward to what they’ve got on offer.

  • What are you people on about? The last 3 games were great and sales have been over 2 million on each game…the franchise has been doing fine commercially and critically. Crystal Dynamics have done wonders for Tomb Raider.

  • I’d be keen, just as long as it WASN’T the ‘stranded on an island with zombies’ idea from last year.

    God that idea sounded stupid. Let’s just take everything about Lara Croft, throw it out the window, and then make a game that’s a combination of Lost and Generic Zombie Film 7: The Deadening.

    I personally want my Tomb Raider games to be Tomb Raider games. Crystal Dynamics have done a fantastic job of modernising the series without alienating it from what it was (although Underworld turned me off a bit; something about the controls just wasn’t right). Changing Tomb Raider into something its not is just pointless. You might as well just create a new IP.

  • Why are there Tomb Raider Haters on here trolling. Tomb Raider is by far the best game out there worth buying. If you don’t like the game then keep it to your self and stop keeping up with tomb raider news. Cant wait to hear the news on this new tomb raider game.

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