Time To Put Your Money Where Your iPad Is

Apple is now taking preorders in the US for its "revolutionary" new shiny thing everyone must own. Will you succumb to the large, vibrant screen of the iPad, or are you made of sterner stuff?

Right now Americans can visit Apple's online store and place their money down on the iPad, known in some circles as the iPod Touch XL. Paying $US499 to $US699 will ensure you will have your 16, 32 or 64GB 3G-less iPad in your hands on April 3, while paying a little more will get you the 3G version later in the month.

Will you be buying one?

I'm with the vast majority of my gaming brethren on this subject, at least I think I am. The iPad is a completely unnecessary piece of tech, performing functions easily taken care of with a low-end laptop, only without the benefit of a large hard drive, full physical keyboard, CD-ROM drive, or camera. In short, there is no reason to buy one unless you are hopelessly addicted to shiny new technology.

And I am.

Yes, I've put my money down, and I appreciate the fact that Apple is springing for free Saturday delivery shipping to make sure it's in my hands as soon as possible. I'm not under the impression that I'm buying the device that Steve Jobs and company described on stage in late January. I'm buying a shiny thing with a big screen perfect for reading digital comics in the bathroom.

Many of my tech-related purchases involve the bathroom.

And I know that by being an early adopter, I am setting myself up to be screwed every which way by Apple, as new versions come out in the coming months featuring cameras, more storage space, improved processor speed, etc., but I'm a PC gamer, and I'm used to obsolescence. If I didn't have something to upgrade constantly I'd probably go mad, or be a much more productive person.

So how about you?


    I don't really feel swayed by this. It just dosen't seem that great. Mind you the only thing apple i own is a 3rd generation Ipod (2003), and i don't even listen to music on the go all that much anymore.

    I only recently purchased an iPod touch and am enjoying it thoroughly. I had to return the first one I got because of a broken accelerometer but so far the replacement is working fine. I seem to have purchased at a good time because the App market is definitely mature and I have access to more brilliant apps than I could ever afford.

    I would not purchase an iPad until the technology and iPad specific apps market is as mature as the iPod touch/iPhone market.

    I suspect that it will take at least 12 months before it's clear whether the iPad is a worthwhile investment. I will definitely have to be doing things I can't imagine it doing right now - ie just upscaling iPhone apps.

    An interesting point is that it uses iPhone OS 3.2... ...a firmware that the iPhone itself will never use. Why not just call it iPad OS?

    I personally can not see the draw to this device other than that it's shiny and made by apple. I wouldn't get much use out of it's features and would be embarrassed to use it in public.

      "I personally can not see the draw to this device other than that it’s shiny and made by apple."

      I think you just listed all the reasons why people buy any Apple products. Oh, and lets not forget the "trend-setters" going against the grain by not buying Mircrosoft.

        yeah people are morons

        Alot of People Have an iphone and alot of other have laptops adding a tablet that is essentially nothing more than a jumbo iphone seems stupid(so stupid it shall sell like hotcakes i say)

        As for the whole you can store 10000 books at once just like you can store music

        A song is 5 min Avg a book is say a days reading if you generalise the population

        A book Doesnt Go flat
        A books screen doesnt Go Crack Snaple and Pop
        A book is lighter and smaller most of the time
        No ones gonna try and nick your book

        You wanna read somehting on a screen use your damn laptop

    Maybe when I stop laughing at the thing. Even then, when I do stop laughing, chances are slim.

    I'll buy the next release, probably. I can see myself using it in my apartment- watch a movie on the couch, surf the net on the can, read an email in bed... a lot more comfortable with a device this size than on my iPhone. Laptops are so large and clumsy that you simply can't use them as portable devices half the time.

    You probably have the money to do that aswell.. lol

    I just cannot get over not even ONE USB port is in the thing! I mean even the Macbook Air has a USB slot.

    I guess we can KINDA compare this to the iPhone. The first one was a fair embarrassment really. Wasn't until the 3G model that it was actually a decent phone and then the update 3.0 actually made it level with others.

    I see this selling reasonably well on launch and Apple will be "happy that it met its expectation" but not really! But then it will suck - and then Apple don't want to embarrass themselves so they release more models with added features to sell more and more. And eventually once they release the model that should have been released first and people actually want to buy it (not just feeling compelled or are apple fanboys buying it) then Apple will pretend THIS iPad getting released, was ever around.

    Nup, ain't gonna buy it.

    Anyone who does probably has money to burn. But hey, whatever rocks your socks right? hehe.

    yep i'll be getting one. this thing will be perfect for uni

    You guys should read the original iPod comments, sounds a lot like the iPad ones.
    We will be ordering some for work, we do measure and quotes and have created our paper form in touch form for the iPad. It is relatively cheap and our decorators can just fill in the form whilst walking around the house and punching in measurements, and flick through pictures of product to show the client and hit send and we get the info back at head office straight away. I think the iPad will be huge for mobile workers that have to fill in a lot of paperwork, and as an interface to devices. It would be great to have a single device to interface to all my music gear, that could just change the control interface at the touch of the screen.
    In the home, I'm not so sure it will be huge, but it makes a nice photo-frame when not in use, and lets people facebook and browse the net and do their banking without having to worry about viruses and configurations etc. I think there is promise there for people that really just want to be online but don't do a lot else.

    I don't even own an ipod (ever) why the hell would I want something with limited starage space, no camera, phone and is plain too big.

    This is not the future, the future is a scroll where you carry a rod and pull out a screen which then hardens and you use it like such a tablet.

    In the mean time there are plenty of better tablet computers around for some time now.



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