Toy Soldiers Is Your XBLA Game Of The Week, COG Armour Your New Deal

If you've suffered a bump on the head and forgotten your Xbox Live Arcade Block Party release schedule, here's a reminder that Toy Soldiers is your XBLA game of the week, a rare World War I-themed video game.

What makes Toy Soldiers a bit more common, however, is its "tower defence" brand of gameplay, pitting toys against toys in base defending action in single-player and two-player online versus modes. Swinging back to uncommon territory is the ability to control individual units, including snipers, mounted gunners and biplanes.

The Signal Studios-developed Xbox Live Arcade game is 1200 Microsoft Points worth of fun.

If you'd prefer to spend less on far more trifling Xbox 360 content, Gears of War Avatar dress-up outfits are cheaper this week, giving you COG armour and helmets for 80 Microsoft Points less than you'd usually spend.


    Does that mean if we've already bought it, we get 80 points back?

      Nope. The point of the Xbox Live Deal of the Week (tm) is that customers who purchase that item during that week get it at a reduced cost. You don't go into a supermarket and expect them to honour a sale price on milk because you bought your milk before the sale started. Xbox Live purchases are no different.

    Yeah I realised after signing on that its a deal of the week, not a definite lower price. My mistake >_<

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