Trinity Universe Brings Pure PS3 RPG Obscurity To America, Europe

PlayStation 3 owners with a deep, deep appreciation for the art of the Japanese role-playing game will be delighted to learn that NIS America will bring Trinity Universe to North America and Europe around mid-year.

If you're a casual fan of the JRPG - and somehow missed the original announcement of Trinity Universe - that's the crossover game co-developed by Nippon Ichi Software, Gust and Idea Factory, bringing together characters from the Disgaea and Atelier series.

Trinity Universe hits North American and European PlayStation 3s in June.


    WTF, im a i have a deep appreciation for the art of the Japanese role-playing games, how did i miss this?

    Ugh, i think i need to cut back on work if i missed this.

      *im is a error.

      Thats because this game was anounced aaagggeess ago (check the date May last year =3) Of course at the time seeing as games like Namco X Capcom was snubbed and never ported over the chances of that happening was minute at best...

      .. then again they also released Cross Edge =D Yey for another Cross Over JRPG! ^^ I don't expect much storywise but its still good fan fluff! =3

    Looks like an excuse to pump another hundred hours into a JRPG to me.

    I immensely enjoyed the Atelier series, thanks to the darn Alchemy recipes. Must've spent hours puring over lists and getting ingredients haha. Disgaea is also very fun, if only for the silly characters.

    I'm still miffed that Namco x Capcom wasn't brought to the US. That game was ultra fun even if I didn't know Japanese :(

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