Twin Galaxies Founder Retires

Twin Galaxies Founder Retires

Walter Day, a former oil industry executive so captivated by the video game craze that he founded an arcade that would later become the international sanctioning authority for record high scores, has retired from his creation, Twin Galaxies.

Day, 61, has chosen to leave to pursue a music career, an avocation featured in Day’s appearance in the documentary The King of Kong. Over the past few years, he had gradually been cutting back on his day-to-day duties with Twin Galaxies, which is under a separate ownership and management.

A gregarious man who speaks in a visionary tone about nearly everything he discusses, Day built Twin Galaxies from a leaderboard on an arcade wall in the middle of Iowa into the authority for video game world records, one relied on officially by Guinness World Records.

“I loved video games so much that I made very possible excuse to be surrounded by them,” Day said in a video interview broadcast on Twin Galaxies’ site. In it he also discusses the recent movement to locate a video game hall of fame in the city of Ottumwa, Iowa, a claim largely staked on the city’s history during the early arcade boom, and Twin Galaxies’ presence during that time.

Our Day With Walter Day [Twin Galaxies]


  • I liked Walter Day in the King of Kong he seemd to have real empathy for Steve Weibe but was so influenced by the rest of those ultra geeks he didn;t really do as much as he could of for Steve. He’s seemed like a nice old man so I’d wish him all the best for the future

  • Awesome. I’m glad he’s retired! Personally I found him (& Billy Mitchell) an arogant and deceitfull prick! On the King of Kong film, he was always trying to stuff up Steve Weibes scores in some way or another. I dont like him at all and that Billy Mitchell is a joke – thinks he’s an elite coz he can play Donkey Kong and Pac-man…lame

  • +1 to the comment made by v4next.

    I think Walter was highly deceitful and just played the “oh, really, I’m old so I make mistakes, thanks for understanding” card. He’s what’s wrong with gaming competitions and I’m glad he’s gone!

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