Two Shots Of Crysis 2

First two stills from EA and Crytek's 2010 shooter, Crysis 2. My gratitude to any commenters who can locate the New York City locales shown here. A star if you take a photo that matches either shot (sans guns/soldiers/violence).


    I really hope they make this game all it can be graphically and not held back to run on consoles as well.

    Either way it looks like ill need to upgrade again :(

    The "sans" requirement is almost an extra degree of difficulty in the glorious "post 9-11" police state.

    Those screens are so obviously touched up...

    As for the comment about consoles holding it back... dude, we are way beyond that point. Because no one actually buys PC games, all you pretty much have now are games "restricted" by console hardware. Crysis came out in 2007, and still no one has bothered to make a a game that looks better... because PC exclusive games do not sell. People play them, but they don't sell... and you can't cite Steam as the end all solution to piracy, because if it was, how come there hasn't been big budget exclusive FPS for the PC audience since Crysis three years ago? The PC simply isn't a viable platform any more, and PC gamers bought it on themselves.

      Crysis 1 has already sold over a million, by single console exclusive standards thats not bad considering many PS3 games don't hit the 1million mark.

      PC games are still selling strong, yet I support ports to console at lower-end graphics and stuff.
      Because my PC can take anything XD

    Gonna be AWESOME on Xbox 360. So i guess i look forward to a down-graded Crysis 2. I don't care, its still gonna look better than the best looking games on console.

    So what if the PC looks a little better. Doesn't mean its gonna play better.

    It's funny how all these PC players hate on something like this, when probably 2% of them have actually experienced Crysis at its full potential and so the others are playing a down-graded version anyway.

      I'm a PC gamer and only own a Wii I've not played with for a long while. I have a beast of a PC because I love the games that only come on PC (mostly RTS and MMO games). My recent purchases include Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2, Bad Company 2, Supreme Commander 2, along with a few MMOs. I'm also looking forward to the many other MMOs coming out as well as games like Starcraft 2 and Diablo 3.

      The problem some games have with hating consoles, is that many games that could be much better features, gameplay, graphics etc wise are not due to been set for the console market primarily and with PC as an afterthought.

      I own both Crysis and Warhead on PC, with pretty good hardware too. I use a controller, and it feels pretty good. I'll get Crysis 2 for console and PC, just to look at the pretty textures :P

    "So what if the PC looks a little better. Doesn’t mean its gonna play better."

    hahaha yeah okay, I cant see Crysis 2 runnning @ 120-200 fps on PS3 or X360 somehow. Most people who dont like PC's or games on PC are either children, poor or a combination of both. I use my PC for RPG's and FPS's and use my PS3 for the more juvenile games designed for children such as 3rd person shooters and racing 'sims' that look good on my giant full HD tv. It's great having enough money to be able to afford every console and have a state of the art PC, lucky we live in Australia hey?

    On a side note: Still waiting for info on new Crysis, not for SP because it will be shit anyway but the MP, as I am about to dump Crysis: Wars for BC2, perhaps Crytek will show some love with the new Crysis but I bet it will be yet another 'extended tech demo' rather than a game with lasting appeal!

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