Ubi Apologises For Assassin's Creed 2 PC Downtime With Free Games

Ubisoft apologises to Assassin's Creed 2 purchasers who found themselves unable to play due to attacks on the verification servers, offering free game downloads in exchange for their forgiveness.

I suppose you don't even need to forgive Ubisoft in order to take advantage of the special offer, sent via email to Kotakuite Igor, one of the many players affected by the server downtime that made it impossible to connect to Ubisoft as required by its ridiculous new digital rights management system.

For his trouble, Igor now gets to choose between four games - Prince of Persia, Heroes Over Europe, Endwar and H.A.W.X., downloading them directly to his PC without having to bother with the draconian DRM scheme of Ubi's newer titles.

Is this enough of an apology for you folks?


    They should apologize by abolishing their horrid DRM.

    The code is probably "in russia, DRM manages you".

    that bullcrap, all i got was the black edition exclusive code, which is STUPID CAUSE I ALREADY OWN THE BLACK EDITION!!!

    Are they going to offer free games the next time the servers cark it?

    Probably not.

      maybe someone will organise an issue with the servers and we'll find out.

    No, that wouldn't be enough. They should give gamers a refund for part of the purchase price of the game they stopped them playing.

    And promise it'll never happen again BY GETTING RID OF THE STUPID DRM.

    They shouldn't have to apologise, nor give away free games. If I were Ubi, I'd forget releasing anything on PC for the welcome they've got in an attempt to protect their investment.

    Sure, it hasn't worked well, but at least they're trying.

      Yeah that makes sense. People pay for something legit and they can't play it, yet Ubisoft shouldn't have to apologise. They could have made a DRM system that wasn't rubbish and considered people who don't have Internet like the States does. GG Steve0.

    but i own those games gimme something else

    Pfft the crack is out. Why put up with DRM when game gets cracked within no time after release.
    I'm not saying you should pirate it but crack away.

    i personally would have bought the game (assuming i hadn't have bought it and finished it 4 months ago on 360) and cracked it anyway, so i didn't have to put up the bullpoopies DRM.

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