Ubisoft Sinks DRM Piracy Claims

Publisher Ubisoft has fired back about rumours that games like Silent Hunter 5 have already been cracked by pirates.

As Kotaku posted previously, new anti-piracy measure, which will also be employed in the upcoming PC version of Assassin's Creed II, requires that users maintain a constant internet connection in order to play their games. There is no "offline" option, according to Ubisoft's official FAQ on the new DRM method, resulting in an experience that sounds less than pleasant. Ubisoft later attempted to clarify how its DRM implementation works.

In the case of Silent Hunter 5, which was released for Windows PCs yesterday, the team of crackers responsible claim that those who download the pirated version, currently making the rounds on torrent trackers and sites like Rapidshare, need only "Install game and copy crack, it's that simple!"

"You have probably seen rumours on the web that Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter 5 have been cracked," the publisher told website CVG. "Please know that this rumour is false and while a pirated version may seem to be complete at start up, any gamer who downloads and plays a cracked version will find that their version is not complete."

This doesn't sound so simple.

News: Ubi rubbishes DRM crack reports - ComputerAndVideoGames.com [CVG]


    yes it isnt complete its missing the DRM :P

    look people arent gonna care whether its complete or not so long as they can finish it(if they cant theyll be another pirate patch to ensure they can) i mean i have a reasonably good gaming laptop but it is rarely connected to the net (hint alot of networks dont allow the ports that itll wanna use)unless im at home and i have a desktop for that

    really glad i picked up the PS3 copy

      Picking up the PS3 copy is just as bad, dude. It's telling Ubi that it's okay to screw PC gamers over, and that all the action is on the console, so dodgy ports are okay. Don't support them AT ALL if you're seriously opposed to this.

    mine is complete except for the part that forces me to have an internet connection. i normally buy all of my games but this just really ticked me off and i knew there would be a way around it sooner or later. so i waited.
    take this as a lesson ubisoft. you are losing so many customers by pulling this crap. normally your games get pirated by people who would have never bought it in the first place. but now its getting stolen by everyone because you're being assholes and punishing legitimate customers. we wont stand for it. you will lose! there are forums out there that are flooded with people just like me, who refuse to pay for bullshit drm like this. when will you morons realise that people are going to steal your ip no matter what you do? but the choice is yours as to how much gets stolen and right now its a truckload. why would anyone in their right mind go out and spend money on a product that can screw them over at any time. as soon as your internet goes out, even just for a second, bang. youve lost maybe a whole level of gameplay. anyone can grap a pirated copy and have a pleasant gaming experience.
    please dont use this garbage again. i like to support the devs who pour their heart and souls into their work. but, you have forced us into a corner here and we really have no other choice but to teach you a lesson.

    Lol Ubi. Hate to tell you, but AC2 is now cracked as well. Putting your hands on your ears and going LALALALALALA isn't going to make it any less true. Well done in turning off many potential buyers with your stupid "protection"

    A corporation would never lie when something that makes them look ridiculous occurs.

    According to ubisoft, denial is a river in Egypt..

    I'm pretty sure the hackers who've "hacked" it, were a bogus designed to undermine Ubisoft at their game. This type of thing has happened several times with the PSP when Sony claimed 6.00 was very solid, you'd have 5 different groups claiming they've achieved a hack, but they were all fake.

      It's real. The games are indeed cracked.


          There has even been an update released (v1.1) which has been cracked also...

    I can't conceive a world where I would be willing to pay $100 for a game that, at any time, could be taken away from me.

    No game company will ever be able to stop pirates completely. The technology gets more complex and improved, but so do peoples knowledge of these things. You watch the next 'un-pirateable' thing be pirated within the week. Happened with this, it'll happen again.

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