Ubisoft Taking On FIFA & Pro Evo (Sort Of)

This May, Ubisoft will be dipping its toes into the lucrative (and highly competitive) football game market, with the release of Pure Football on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Rather than trying to take on EA's FIFA and Konami's Pro Evo series, Pure Football goes the "Madden Arcade" or "FIFA Street" route, focusing on five-on-five football with no referees, an over-the-shoulder camera (think FIFA's Be A Pro mode) and four player local multiplayer (with 1v1 online play also supported).

Sounds a lot like a mix between FIFA's Be A Pro and Sega's Soccer Slam. Which is in no way a bad thing.


    Will your amazing servers be operational by the time this comes out Noobisoft?

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