Ubisoft's DRM Kicks Australia While It's Down

Ubisoft's digital rights management woes continue, with news that Australians - a people already suffering when it comes to video games - are now being locked out of Ubisoft PC games as well.

The title in question this time is strategy title Settlers 7, with many users Down Under complaining that games they have paid for simply will not work, as they can't connect to Ubisoft's servers for authentication, which is required in order to play the game. Even if you're playing in singleplay, offline mode.

While the issue is affecting some users worldwide, it's "especially common in Australia," according to Ubisoft, which it must be and then some for the publisher to use such up-front language.

Connectivity Troubleshooting [Ubisoft]


    Hellooooo impending class action lawsuit (Oh c'mon you just know someones gonna do it...)

      with every reason to! You buy a product, it better fucking work.

    While a class-action lawsuit would be nice, it won't do much for any affected customers. At best it would be a PR black-eye for Ubisoft. Victims would probably receive free downloads for Ubisoft games, some of which will also feature the same stupid DRM which initiated the suit, while the victim's lawyers will get a nice cash payout. It's technically a win, although most victim's wouldn't really agree.

    Also, congratulations to Ubisoft on reminding me why I shouldn't purchase your games.

      Even if that's all it was, I'd be happy. I'd be happy with anything that can be done to show them that these DRM schemes are getting ridiculous. And the easiest way to get that point across is to have them lose money because of it.

    This is why I never played the original Bioshock. I bought it on release and the activation servers failed repeatedly. I got a refund and later that night I vowed to undergo a training montage and transform into... DRM Hating Guy. Wherever there is DRM I am there...hating on it...but not buying it.

      haha i love it. If you need a sidekick, let me know. I'll even wear my undies on the outside.

    Isn't this why god blessed the world with an abundance of QA Testers?

      Nowadays, WE are the testers...

      I figure that Beta build means Alpha Build, and release means Beta build.

    WHY don't these people ask me first before doing stupid things?

    All the have to do is send a quick email like, hey Friendly, we're thinking of introducing a new DRM where you have to be connected to the internet at all times to play, even for single player games. What do you reckon?
    Dear Friendly, I'd like to censor the internet because someone I know has a company that reckons they can do things like that. I haven't really thought it though but reckon I can convince the general public if I mention perverts. Think it will fly?
    or even
    Hey Friendly, lol i haz idea for nu ticket systum in melburn jus like ole one, but worse!!!11 Acktually I dont have the idea i got sold it by a company!11!! Old system works fine but it's either that or change my haircut!! kthxbai

    ... In all of these cases I'd send them back a quick reply along the lines of "No, this is a bad idea. You shouldn't do it." and we could all save ourselves some misery.

      FRIENDLYUNIT for minister of glaringly obvious common sense!

      How scary is it that we really DO need one?

    The best DRM is no DRM. Sure there are some cheap sods out there who won't buy a legit game but there are many of us who can appreciate hard work and understand that paying for a game means sequals and many many more good games. What Ubisoft should learn is that all they are doing is creating piracy. Much like spore back in 2008 ubisofts games are going to end up being pirated like crazy as nobody has any respect for ubisoft. Good work Ubisoft you've successfully tarnished your reputation.

      The irony of it is that there's 15 of ubi's better titles DRM free on GOG (well okay, 14 and driver parallel lines) so it shows that SOMEONE in the company is receptinve to the idea of DRM free software, just such a shame that its not someone higher up.

    I'm sure you can probably pirate every single game that was ever released with DRM, making the illegal free version of these games better than the legal paid for versions. This is quite stupid.

      In this day and age.. thats not a probable. Thats a FACT.

      Unfortunately Ubisoft and the like (EA has done the same to CnC4 and Blizzard has decided BNet Only for multiplay as a few examples) are missing the glaring point that the more they try to "prevent" piracy via more draconian DRMs the more they are alienating paying customers.

      When I fork out 80bucks plus for a new release.. the last thing I want is to spend HOURS fighting the damned DRM to Install and Run.. and then only to be welcomed w/ a game that more often than not DOES NOT RUN! I have better things to waste my time and money on..

    The really weird/funny/"teh fail"* thing is I clicked the link and I can't get through.

    As part of my Boycott I choose not to buy Ubisoft games at all while this DRM is in place. If it connected say once a week to check your legit I wouldn't care.

    But I live in a Suburb of Brisbane and my connection dies a lot randomly. Sometimes I have weeks of no problems what so ever. Other days staying connected for more than 10 minutes is impossible. That would be when I play single player games... oh wait with this type of DRM I got nothing.

    I accept the fact that companies want DRM on their products, for years that has been a CD key and put disc in drive. But to require an "Internet Leash" to play a single player game is just a bad idea. People who play single player games over multiplayer may have a crap connection, and this punishes them.

    It would be like passing a law that any car under $50,000 can only be driven for 20 minutes a day.

    *And yes I meant "teh" not the.

    See THIS is why piracy is so goddamn popular...The day I bought Bioshock back in 07 it didn't work either because of a very similar reason...didn't make the same mistake with Bioshock 2.

    u know maybe Ubisoft is being paid craploads of money to be the guinea pig of new and agressive DRMs.

    Well I shudn't say Ubisoft..I meant ONE head honcho guy is being paid craploads of money. So all the other companies pay this guy to roll out extreme DRMs to see if they work.

    I mean, every big company secrectly want a DRM to succeed in order to rake in more cash, so it makes sense that if they ever found a willing scapegoat, they would pay heaps to test out all DRMS...

    too far fetched? I duno...its quite possible.

    see im a freak who still has no net have never had it and probly wont till they get fiber going down in tas. now i game allot and i love multiplayer games but for 2 years now i have had to keep my beloved Pc at my cousins house and chip in for massive priced net just to play games. alwase on systems are wrong, even activaete and conferm is wrong as i have to have the net to play a game i just bought. i no its a rant but i do think these systems can work i havent bought a box game fore 2 years now i get all my stuff on steam, which i have no problem with as i have had no offline issues so when i do take my pc home i can play my games

    Can the ACCC be involved with this?

    Hey Ubisoft, how does it feel knowing that your arrogant ridiculous stance has done nothing more than piss your money down the drain?

    Pirates will always crack, pirate releases will always avoid security(or not be used until such time).
    This means Ubisoft, the only people you are punishing are your actual customers.

    Who can more easily download a pirated version to use, than the product they bought.

    Bravo sir, bravo...

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