Valve's Gabe Newell Predicts Gaming Future

After Valve's Gabe Newell was honoured as a Pioneer at the GDC Awards, I asked him to predict gaming's future and to offer more Portal 2 teases, a Half-Life 2: Episode 3 update and Pokemon tips. My success rate: 50%.

Notes: The "John" who Newell refers to is John Carmack. The Portal 2 thing he refers to is the blue-screen "crash" that occurred minutes earlier when he was accepting the Pioneer award.

This is one of a series of Kotaku video interviews with many of the award-winners and special honorees from the Game Developers Choice Awards. Check out the rest of our GDC Backstage clips, featuring the creators of some of the world's best video games.

Video shot by Adam Barenblat for Kotaku.


    Gabe seems very nervous, but I like what he said. I kind of almost felt he was referring to Natal, with it's *supposed* facial expression tracking, but who knows.

    I like Gabe, like how he keeps his company playing nice, and not turning into an activision.

    Even if he does not give me any HL3 ):

    This interview pleases me

    god, Not biometrics! There's only ONE right way to tell a story. All the players who don't like that story can suck it. I mean, really, the best Gabe can hope for is the same story with a half-assed, computer-generated twist. It's like writers are saying, "I can take my time and write a good script one way, or I can write interchangeable versions to accommodate people who are more afraid of old people or small children".

    And I say less "Star Wars", more "Die Hard" in the future, Mr. Newell.

    im 12 and have hacked over 5000 steam accounts, really funny people think steam is so good with a major hacking flaw at log in.

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