Vintage Catalogues Revive The Ghost Of Nintendo Past

Vintage Catalogues Revive The Ghost Of Nintendo Past

Reader Brett must have known our adolescent selves were in need of entertainment, otherwise he wouldn’t have pointed us towards this motherload of vintage Nintendo merchandise catalogues.

From the Japanese publisher’s 1992 edition (Packed with gift ideas!) to a magnificent “Zelda Box” released in Japan in commemoration of the release of Wind Waker, there’s a ton of good stuff in here. And we mean it; it’s not just the covers that have been posted, the actual content is there to read too.

I’m particularly interested in that Zelda box, mostly for those two included figures, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. Those kid’s Link costumes are also pretty sweet.

Catalogs [Video Game Memorabilia Museum]


  • Weird seeing the CD advertised as for sale.. I scored that free with purchase of Killer Instinct. Was a pretty kick arse soundtrack! Too bad the SNES game used small snippets and was a lot lower quality.

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