Wait A Minute, $200 — For A Faceplate?

Two years ago, Xbox Live gave away 72 limited edition Xbox 360 faceplates with a Need For Speed: ProStreet design. Some guy decided to get rid of his on eBay and has found it commands a price above $US200.

The seller, out of Queens, N.Y., billed it as an "extremely rare" collectible but listed it for $US30. His co-workers advised him not to sell it for less than $US60 so he moved the reserve price up. Then yesterday afternoon a bidder (with pretty high feedback) stepped in and laid down $US200, and finally another guy topped that, price-is-right style, by a buck.

I'm not sure if that's a record for a faceplate, but it sure is a nice profit on something that doesn't add functionality. At least Stadium Events, theoretically, can still be played, although peeling off that shrinkwrap will set you back a good thirty thou or so.

need for speed prostreet faceplate !!EXTREMELY RARE!! [eBay, thanks Tiocad]


    Clearly someone doesn't remember the E3 2005 faceplates selling for hundreds, even up to a thousand big ones.

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