Waltzing Through Bad Company 2

Nothing says classy like classical music, classical music and stuff blowing up.

And that's how I know Battlefield Bad Company 2 is classy, with a capital C.

I actually caught this launch trailer on TV last night. I need to see how this turned out. Modern Warfare 2 didn't quite scratch the single player shooter itch for me.


    One more day! COME ONE!

    Oh the wonderful glory of BC2.
    Can't wait for tomorrow!!! :D

    come on street date smash

    stupid Ps3 surely if defeats the purpose of releasing a limited edition that gives you early access to unlocks online for that 'compedative edge' then releases the games 2 weeks later in oz then USA, and a week later then other platforms, it's just depressing.

    Game.com has now updated my order to packed - come on Thursday night!!

    Only 15 hours left on Steam!

    I am getting NO sleep tonight. Oh man hahah.

    Brain Cretin ?...I'm dobbing you in as a terrorist.

    Not the best editing or choice of angles but I guess they didn't have much flexibility with the photography.

    Its funny, I just saw some of 2001: A Space Oddyssey again the other day and this song just makes everything great.

    The slow deaths made me really sad though. Classical music and death just make me want to cry. I can't say it made me excited about the game.

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