Want To Play Monster Hunter Tri In Sydney Next Week?

Want To Play Monster Hunter Tri In Sydney Next Week?

Monster Hunter is coming to Wii in May. But next week Nintendo is offering Kotaku readers in Sydney the chance to play it. Could that be you?

Five Kotaku readers – plus five friends – will get the chance to attend Nintendo’s Monster Hunter Tri event on the evening of Thursday March 11. You’ll get to go hands-on with the first Wii release of Capcom’s hugely successful action-RPG. And you’ll get to write about your experience for Kotaku.

Here’s what you need to do:

* You must be over 18! This is important. There will be ID checks at the event.
* You must be available from 4.30pm to 9.00pm on Thursday March 11.
* You must be able to make your own way to the Sydney CBD by the 4.30pm pick-up time.
* You must commit to writing up your impressions of Monster Hunter Tri for publication on Kotaku the week following the event.

And finally:

* You must write in the comments below and in less than 100 words why you are best-equipped to tackle this challenge.

You’ve got until midnight Sunday March 7 to leave your entry below. I’ll contact the five winners on Monday and provide you with all the details you’ll need.

Good luck!


  • I’m looking for a job in entertainment, I spend time on community radio where I review things such as movies and albums (and occasionally video games) as part of a weekly show.

    This gives me experience in being able to step back and see both good and bad characteristics of a game.

  • I’m pretty keen. If for no other reason but to finally get to taste the controller breaking lows and the heroine-like highs that comprise Monster Hunter. Also gives me a reason to dust off my wii.

  • I’d love to write for Kotaku. But my university timetable means I can’t make the 4.30 time on that day

    *shakes fist*

    Damn you education, you win again

  • I am a avid monster hunter player since Monster hunter on PS2, have a wii at home and may not have the biggest penis in gaming but reckon its not just size that matters…

  • I feel I am best suited to tackle this assignment as I am a traveler, come to this strange land in search of work. However, all is not well. Increasingly, the townspeople feel a storm of great darkness brewing outside their city walls. Only one as brave as I would dare venture forth.

    Yes, I am the one who will stand against the darkness, defeat the forces of evil and save the world!

  • I’m busy writing reviews, interviews and entries for my new blog thelonelygamer.com. I’m hoping to launch it in March. Getting to play MH in Sydney on the Wii and write about it in Kotaku would be a great kick in the pants to get my blog launched. Plus, I look great wielding dual swords…

  • I’ve been a fan of Monster Hunter from back in the PS1 days. I think it would be interesting to see how this franchise translates to the Wii and also think it’s important for the Wii to start bringing out more titles like this, titles that have fan followings and require thought and effort to play (ie. not another mini game collection). I’m a keen gamer who works as a games clerk and am also a uni student hoping to get into journalism so this would be an awesome opportunity for me! Also, I always think it’s great to hear more game opinions from girls.

  • I have absolutely no experience with any of the Monster Hunter games other than from reading Wikipedia and a couple of ads displayed on a bus. But I do own a Wii, and know my way around a Classic Controller, thus my blank slate approach to assessing the game will be pure and unadulterated. Or at the very least will be written from the perspective of someone who has no experience with Monster Hunter.

    On the flipside, there are at least three people I know who would think doing this would be really sweet.

  • as a uni student I’m more than capable of handling close to lethal quantities of alcohol and gaming at the same time and also being able to string words together the next day into something that resembles an essay, or in this case, a game preview.

  • You should pick me because:
    I love to write.
    I love Games.
    I love the rare occasion a good (possibly great) game arrives on the Wii.
    I love love love Kotaku (the ONLY gaming site I read now).
    I am a Monster Hunter virgin (although I have read alot about it and am very excited for it’s release).
    It will make my friends jealous!
    I am a New Zealander that just moved to Sydney, Hence I am great (Please don’t hold that against me).
    Oh and I can write full paragraphs, Promise.

  • I have previous writing experience for Kotaku. Admittedly only reader reviews, but they do show some coherent writing ability.
    I’ve been on Wii since launch and played almost all the 3rd party titles where an effort was made. I want to be on the leading edge with Wii’s first worthwhile MMO.
    Lastly, I’m not very good, so I’ll happily be the sacrifice throwing the monster off guard and allowing my team mates to dominate while being entertained by me. Every team needs one of these guys.

  • I’m a second year Journalism student at the University of Wollongong. I try to specialise every subject i do in my courses from feature writing to convergent journalism to tackle video games issues and news stories. (Much to some of my teachers chargrin.)

    At present i write the gaming pieces in the university magazing and dream of working for a magazine or websight like Hyper or Kotaku for my mandatory internship in 2011.

    As far as Monster Hunter experience goes i can tackle a Diablos with my bare hands but in desperate times can call on my army of trained cat chefs to put the cleaver in.

  • I have not played a Monster Hunter game, but i have followed this game’s progress since it was announced as a Wii title. I have been waiting a very long time for this game’s release. I am a huge Nintendo fan and have owned a Wii since it was first released. I am also a good writer with a sense of humour. If I have the opportunity to attend this event, I will absorb all information and compose a thorough publication of my impressions of the much anticipated, Monster Hunter Tri.

  • As a student studying Journalism, this opportunity would be AWESOME!! Oh and did I mention I have actual experience in slaying monsters?.. Lets just say my mum doesn’t talk very much anymore but she makes for a fine throw rug *twitch*.

    C’mon Kotaku, im fit for the job. My Wii arms are tingling, and I’m craving for some Kraken killing. Moby Dick had his chance, heck even Harry Potter slayed a dragon or two, so why not me… ME!!

  • I have been following this game since it was first announced, and I am super pumped at even the thought of being able to attend this event. I have experience writing game related articles on multiple gaming websites, and i’d love to do a hands on feature for Kotaku. I believe it will be a good experience for me to meet people in the industry, and hang out with those who have similar taste in games.

  • I’m more or less not equipped for this job. I don’t know anything about the Monster Hunter series (I assume you hunt monsters) apart from the odd mention on gaming websites, such as kotaku! I don’t follow the updates on this new Monster Hunters game, my Wii is gathering dust until a good game comes out and JRPGS are my least favorite genre of choice. Which is why I’ll be great because I can provide a very different perspective. I’m always interested in playing different and interesting games and Monster Hunter Tri sounds like one. But that doesn’t mean I’ll like it..

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