What Are The Halo Creators Making With "Bungie Aerospace"?

Halo creators Bungie are cooking up something new, something that, despite its new name, may not actually follow in the trail blazed by id Software's John Carmack and involve shooting rockets into space. So what is Bungie Aerospace?

Well, it's not much more than a trademark spotted by Attack of the Fanboy while many of us were at GDC. Bungie Aerospace has a tradmark and a fancy new logo, a cyclopian triangle that looks like a distant relative to Bungie's other mark, the Superintendent.

The recent filing with the USPTO covers general video game related stuff: "Computer game software for personal computers and home video game consoles; Computer game software for use on mobile and cellular phones."

It also touches on the development side of things: "Design and development of computer game software and virtual reality software; Computer software, namely, game engine software for video game development and operation."

Bungie Aerospace [USPTO via Attack of the Fanboy/IGN/Blast Magazine]


    Licensing the new impressive Halo Reach engine?

    Perhaps something that interacts with Reach?

    As much as i'm looking forward to Reach SO, SO MUCH! Am i the only one looking forward just a little bit MORE to what Bungie's project after Reach is?

    Even though it will be a good 12 months+ before any sort of teaser/announcement!

      Yeah, I do want to see what they can do with a brand new IP. Hopefully it wont be another sci-fi shooter though, or at least a very unique one if it is.

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