What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'm excited about playing Yakuza 3 this weekend. But I'm not really sure why. Maybe that's it though: I have no idea what to expect.

Don't tell me!

I think I'm excited because it looks different. It looks like a game I haven't played before. I'm used to action/adventures in fantasy worlds, in contemporary American cities and in some kind of sci-fi future. But not in modern day Japan. Historical Japan, sure, but not the neon-inscribed world you can see above.

So yeah, don't tell me anything. I want to chart this gaming territory for myself.

What gaming worlds will be exploring this weekend?


    Battlefield Bad company 2 and, uh, Battlefield Bad company 2 and, uh.. Oh i said that.. I might play some Altitude, too. Little side on, flying, multilayer, indie game. I should get back to dead space too..

    Won't be playing BC2 due to Australian only PS3 delay. Advice is will be out on 11th but has anyone come across at a retailer early as no reason to hold?

      yeah i went to get it thursday and discovered the same, disappointing thing.

      So more MW2, NBA2K10, Uncharted 2 multiplayer.

    Oh man, after about 6 hours of play time through the week I finally beat the first level of Demon's Souls. I don't know if I have the stamina for any more.

      Don't worry, my very first run through of the first level (1-1) took me 4 hours. About a month or two later doing the same level again on NewGame++++ took me about 20 minutes. Made me realise how farm along I had come, and how much the game chisels you into a lethal soul harvester. :P Keep with it!

    Bad Company 2
    Multiplayer is awesome

    I'll be busting out Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (try saying that ten times quickly), Peggle, SVR 2010, and Bioshock 2 for good measure.

    I got DJ Hero this week so that, and Tatasunoko vs Capcom. :)

    Borderlands, I’ve been playing it for like a week now, and although I’ve already finished the game I just want to get to lvl 50. I’m actually enjoying my new game plus playthrough more than I did the first one.

    FFXIII aus version ....managed to get a copy @ myers....staff had no idea that it is spose to be released on the 9th. Played two hrs......bit linear for my likin....se

      I also found FFXIII at Big W Hallet Cove (SA)... spent all day searching department stores in Adelaide :P

        I hate you both. No one around here is that dumb to sell it early. Boarderlands for me maybe, though really it should be more important things.

    Too busy to play really but the few moments I am getting I'll be spending in BF:BC2. Its hard to find multiplayer matches though :(

    FF13! Since I manage to get a copy yesterday from a store... YAY

    Battlefield:BC2, much better then original

    Heavy Rain, Heavy Rain, and yeah Heavy Rain

    Bfbc2. 360 gamers add shatterfront

    Finishing off my first run through of King Arthur: The Role-Playing Wargame. Despite the bland title it's actually quite a great game and really challenging. Been pleasantly surprised.

    I just hired Left 4 Dead 2 and MX Vs. ATV: Reflex, so I'll be giving them a bash. If I finish L4D2 I'll be getting back into Borderlands, and maybe some Zombie Apocalypse or Street Fighter 4.

    Bad Company 2. It is so much better than MW2. It just feels so much more... stable in multiplayer, thanks to dedicated servers.

    Single player campaign is better than MW2s as well. Like, it's actually plausible.

    I dunno how the hell you guys found FF13, I went to every store that sells games in and around eastland to no avail :(

    I'm playing BioShock 1 on PS3, and more Burnout Paradise..., just got my A Class Licence...., so working my way towards the full licence. Maybe some Uncharted 2, but hoping to pick up my Black Wii on Friday...., so New Super Mario Bros....

    I will also be playing BF:BC2.... once I find a server that isn't full :(

    Heavy Rain!!!!!!!!! and overlord.

    Finished ME2.

    Only complaints are:

    1) I preferred the no-ammo model that was limited by heat. It's a bit silly to claim that the military UPGRADED from a system with near-infinite ammo to one which requires reloads and carrying clips. Felt like a big downgrade to me.

    2) The ending is kind of abbreviated and short. I felt I deserved more of an ending than that. I HATE being stiffed on endings in RPGs. Bioware did it right in Dragon Age but not in ME2.

    Definitely looking forward to ME3, though. Making it so that anyone in ME2 can die is going to be interesting for ME3 though, realistically they're going to need reasons why none of them continue with Shepard (and after so much emphasis was placed on keeping them alive in the final mission, a Kill Em All in the first 5 minutes of ME3 will not be appreciated) and to plot optional cameo appearances for each of them... by the end of it, I'm sure the writers are going to be very glad they don't need to carry baggage all the way through to a ME4!

    I'm playing the game of smacking my head on the desk because I'm so suck at Starcraft I just cannot finish Protoss level 7. In between that, finishing off some MW2 Special Ops.

    If I was in Australia, at home, I suppose I'd be on the BF:BC2 bandwagon too. Enjoy multiplayer yall!

    God my Hard Drive for the 360 so it's GTAIV multiplayer for me!

    Is anyone not playing Bad Company 2? :)

    Also, I just finished and submitter my reader review... man the new limit gives you room to breathe.

    Recovering from Sony's little Glitch Day. But hell, if that means that I "have" to replay Arkham Asylum and Heavy Rain to re-earn lost trophies I guess it isn't so bad...

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