What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's been a crazy few months in the gaming industry, and everyone I've talked to has a "to do" list of games. There are several still in their shrink wrap right next to my desk, begging for me to find to time to play them.

But that time won't come this weekend, as I'll be at the Sydney Gamers League's Resurgence LAN, at Macquarie University, running from today until tomorrow. There'll be the usual suspects played, lots of Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Modern Warfare, Flatout 2, FIFA, DOTA, and it'll be interesting to see how many people are keen on a Bad Company 2 competition.

So the likes of Bioshock 2, Mass Effect 2, Heavy Rain and God of War 3 will once again have to wait. It's a hard life, isn't it?

What are you playing this weekend?


    I'm off to Tasmania for the next week, so I'll just be plying Tetris on my DS.

      Launceston or Hobart?

    I have to help a few mates move house this weekend,

    But in what spare time I do have, Aliens VS Predator, a little more FF13 & Beatles rockband. I was hoping a bit of blazblue but they still haven't announced the comp winners!?

    Lets see, God of War 3, FF13, Call of Duty, World at War....., Burnout Paradise, Batman Arkham Asylum......., should keep me busy!

    Got one more trophy to get for Burnout Paradise and I have 100% for game and expansions ... just got to pry one of my friends from God of War 3 or 1943! GAH!

    Happy to help clean your desk of clutter though Junglist! God of War 3 and Bioshock 2 I am sure are taking up way too much space!

    Pokemon: SoulSilver.... LET ME SHOW YOU MY POKEMANS.

    bad company 2 and fallout 3.

    Beer :)

    And Dark Void :( (finishing off a review)

    Hopefully pick up Heavy Rain somewhere too...

    Playing SoulSilver - only thing i have time for atm going to and from uni. Gonna try and sneak in some Mass Effect 2 Firewalker DLC and some Bad Company 2 MP but we will have to see how the weekend goes...

    Got a stack myself - currntly sitting at 9 unplayed - but alas no time due to Bad Company 2 commitments.

    I'd like to be playing Just Cause 2... but I think I'll stick to Bad Company 2, and maybe some Mass Effect 2 if I'm feeling up to it :p

    i bought dark void yesterday do i'll be playing that.

    The Mega Man Anniversary Collection on Gamecube. And then once it's broken me possibly some Lost Odyssey.

    Between all the stuff I actually have to do this weekend, I'm trying to squeeze in as much Mass Effect 2 as I can.

    Alternating between Pokemon HeartGold, Red Steel 2 and Ace Attorney Investigations. Gotta catch em all!

    More Mass Effect so I can import more into ME2... it's a vicious cycle.

    Good luck with dota man! You should pick that new hero juts to be a dick XD so op...

    Definetly Just Cause 2, so much fun, can easily clock 100+ hours on it!

    And Metro 2033 :D

    Bad Company 2 and FFXIII most likely.

    Bit of Bad Company 2 this morning... probably a lot of FFXIII as well.

    I'm trying to get into the top 20 scorers for Crystal Castle on Xbox Game Room.

    Puting down BF:BC on PC now that there is an xbox copy waiting for me whenI get home in ac couple of weeks (do acquired weapons in single player transfer to multiplayer?).

    So back to Halflife 1 and Starcraft (damn you starcraft, 3 levels left and still hopelessly stuck).

    Taking the weekend off of WoW, my guildmates are crying, and going through some old games.. Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia on the 360 and Chrono Trigger on the DS.

    Modern Warfare - but to be fair I only just bought it last week!

    Hoping to finish GOWIII this weekend. How's the regular community for TF2 on PS3? I picked up the Orange Box recently (Gasp!) and haven't had a chance to check out all the games.

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