What Comes After Dirt 2? Dirt 3, Of Course

After following up Dirt with Dirt 2 last year, the studio behind the rally racer confirms that it's working on a Dirt 3

Gavin Cheshire, the vice president of Codemasters Studios, told Edge magazine that the U.K. publisher is indeed working on a sequel. Characterising Dirt as a reboot (of the Colin McRae Rally series) and then Dirt 2 as a reboot of a reboot, Cheshire says we can expect, what, a three-boot with this one?

"Dirt was a complete reboot – we threw away what was going on and redid it completely – and then we rebooted Grid because it wasn't top gun, and then we rebooted Dirt 2," Cheshire said. "I'm not saying we're throwing all the codebase away, but we're throwing the thoughts away and coming out with something fresh and new. Because if you don't innovate, you're dead."

He also indicates we might hear more words like "aluminium" and "shed-ule" in the sequel.

"Dirt 2: brilliant game but it's all American accents, so maybe we're a little over the top with those," Cheshire said. "Maybe we should fly the flag a bit more."

Dirt 3 Confirmed [Edge Online]


    I loved the feel of the cars in Dirt 2, but there wasn't enough rally stages, I'm just not into this glitzy x-games stuff.

    Yeah, I say use the english accents, americans arent realy into rallying anyways (statistically), and go back to the Colin Mcrae 2 minimalistic design - that rocked. And also have as many tracks as possible, even if codies has to do the 2-disc thing like Forza 3 (360)

    Just make it look sweet. My computer can take it. I'm all on max atm.

    Sad that my computer is a bit too old to play..

    Yes! Make it a pure Rally game! Play through a season, no more of this random events whenever you want nonsense. It'll need a larger variety of cars. Dirt 2 had a bunch of Subaru's and Mitsubishi's, but where's the Ford Focus, Citroen, and Peugeot? And lastly, no more goofy menus. The simpler the better. Rotating around a trailer adds nothing to the game but annoyance.

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